you're my rockstar in between the sets...eyeliner and cigarettes..

i never really loved Lady Gaga...but this video is just IIILLLL she really does have some raw talent, DEFINITELY one of the best pop videos i have seen!! everything is just perfect!

Lady Gaga- Paparazzi


some NEW goodness!!

these new music videos are coming out left and right and if you know me personally you know i am a music video FIEND and i could watch them all day.

which brings us into
both with the dream in them!


they don't know you like i do....

kanye west- paranoid

i know i posted the "bootleg" version of this video before, but heres the real thang

UGHHH DO I LOVE THIS SONG. this is one of the very few songs i have listened to for basically 6 straight months.

the way that i attack her she might need a bodyguard..


DJ Webstar ft Jim Jones & Juelz Santana- Dancing on me

this song is pOPPPPPPINNN they play it NON STOP in new york, i don't mind it aat alll =)


she gotta booty outta this world, i say "she got a great future behind her"

i have this thing for ludacris. i used to have a "crush" on him when i was thirteen, i used to have his picture taped onto my desk at school (smh)...but the problem is i still have a huge crush on him.
i was talking to one of my friends about luda and the way he talks about women & sex is unreal. splash waterfalls? whats your fantasy? uhh...yes. so the point of this is that i heard him on the "shes fine" remix and he just killls it. ludacris is way underrated, hes been around for too long and always always has great albums. I LOVE YOU LUDAAAA


anyway they don't you like i do....they''ll never know you...

via miss info --->

this is definitely my favorite song from 808's...beating out robocop and say you will.

and this video, of a video gives this song a whole different vibe.

rihanna...is paranoid.

kanye west ft kid cudi- paranoid


i love it

here is a special on 20/20 from 1981 on hip-hop music...even if you don't listen to hip-hop i think this is a spoonful of interesting information, the history of hip-hop/rap is so interesting to me


G.O.O.D music

first single from mr. hudson...who helped kanye a lot with 808's and heartbreaks
mr hudson ft kanye west- supernova

p.s- kanye definitely looks like he likes fishsticks in this picture on this youtube video.

blame it on the e-e-e-economy




hey younggg world

news has been so slow lately, there have been no songs that i think are post-worthy, no videos, no nathang! plus i have finals this weeek...wompwomp.

anywayz...anytime is a good time for a throw back =) i've been so into talib kweli lately...

and this video is so interesting..

Hot Thing - Talib Kweli



kid cudi & little boots performing day & nite

mother's day

Hey Mama - Kanye West

best mom tribute song ever....its sad, you can really feel kanye's love for his mom in this song...RIP Donda West

happy mothers day to all the mothers out there =) have a beautiful day, and tell your momma you love her!


dayum riri!

every website/blogger/person will be discussing this but just when things couldn't get more $sSscandal0ussSs with rihanna, it just got taken to a whole nother level with these naked pictures.....now the question is who leaked them...whatever its another naked body...who have we not seen naked....


this song is MY SHIIIIIT this song is all over the place...what chaa know about cookies with some appleJUIIIIIICCCCEEEE?!
but one thing i gotta say is...was camron's budget like $100? this vid quality is no bueno


old schoool

this song has a special place in my heart...and mary j looks absolutely beautiful in this video

911 - Wyclef Jean featuring Mary J. Blige


i've been working this grave shift, and i aint made shit..

i wish i could..buy me a spaceship and fly...

how many times have i sung that song to myself?
"spaceship" is one of my fav tracks off of college dropout.

well there is a music video for it that never got released...supposedly kanye didn't approve of the finish product. tsk tsk. all we have are pictures...maybe one day we will see.

see the whole article and pictures thanks to fake shore drive HERE.


you are the father!

l m a o do the stanky legggg

my two favorites.

amber rose is really something un-human. she is RIDICULOUS! AMAZING!
perez hilton said she is "jessica rabbit in real life" YES.
kanye looks grrreat too.

good day

happy tuesday? lol
semester is wrapping up and my favoriteee season is rolling up...SUMMER! and we're in my 2nd favorite season...SPRRRING! so lets spring into this old school-ness

biz markie- it's spring again


fails of the day

i hate to be a hater...but dayummmm...epic fails that have me smh..

lil kim ft charlie wilson &t-pain
1. lil kim shows no emotion in this video due to frozen face
2. i thought t-pain got injured on the set of this video? apparently not, cause hes not in it, his cartoon self is. fail

second fail...
ok i am a serious lover of fashion but RIHANNA! WHY?! i dont even know what to say.



method man & red man- a yo

im sooooo into this songgg. heard this a few weeks back, funkmaster flex literally played this song for 20 minutes...drilled it into my dome....perfect song for driving top down in the summmmer !

let the beat rock...pt 2

they are making so man remixes of "boom boom pow"...everyone from benny benassi to gucci mane lol. its such a great song that can be disected and make so many more songs...like this one i really like...even though i don't like gucci mane or 50 cent lol