new musickk

can't ever go wrong with the roots..such real music.

the roots- how i got over

this song has been circulating the internet...

i don't know what i think of this. the beat is already starting to annoying me

i can transform ya - chris brown ft lil wayne & swizz beatz

things you should know...

mmm good morning beautiful people...

it's important to inform yourself and be confident in the decisions you make, ESPECIALLY when it comes to things going on in this country!

the swine flu vaccine is now being REQUIRED for children 6 months and older in New Jersey! i think this is ridiculous and something that the government should NOT be involved in..especially when flu vaccines are a bit controversial.

personally, i have never received any sort of flu shot in my life, and i fortunately have never got the flu.

my friend posted a vlog about the swine flu vaccine, and makes some good points. it's important to RESEARCH.


with that kind of ass i might spazz like NERD...

i give this song a THUMBS UP. and the video is dope to go with it!

it's not anything groundbreaking, but i think this goes with the song perfectly. at the end of the day a music video is visual stimulation for a song, bringing it to life..which was achieved in this video.

great styling..i love the long ponytails

consequence (ft john legend & kanye west)- whatever you want


ok i'm back!!!!
i'm really committed this time baby i swear i am ! lady danger is BACK and better than before ! PLEASE BELIEVE

...lets get into it.

what really happened when i was gone anyway? kanye shitted on taylor swift's life, lil mama tried to shit on jay-z's life....and CUDI released his new album! along with the bp3 wahwahwahhh....


Playaz Circle - Flight 360: The Takeoff .... don't care.

Mariah Carey - Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel .... i do care, im a sucker for her corny ass.

GhostFace Killah - The Wizard Of Poetry: The Emerald City ... kind of care.

Marques Houston - Mr. Houston ... who? jk, don't care really.


this is where mario winans went!

when i saw mario winans name next to deutsch hip hop...i just had to click on this

and if you don't know who mario winans is...i'm getting old

what the fuck is up with the sketchy shit that goes on with bad boy records?

mario winans- i don't wanna know



i put kid cudi over ANYBODY !
look at my husband smoking with high times magazine for their 35th !