sex therapy

this is a sexysexysexysexy song, its a song made for sex.

the video is nice but it looks like hes wearing mascara or eyeliner or something

robin thicke- sex therapy



beyonce ft lady gaga- video phone (remix)

this video is mindblowingly SEXYYYYYY ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
beyonce is some other animal she cant be human


and just because

omarion ft gucci mane - i get it in

gucci mane is ugly as fuck and scares the living shit out of me.

BTW...wale's album attention deficit came out today...go get it! support good music people

gucci mane is ugly as fuck.

caught in a bad romance..

ugh i just don't know. do i like her? do i hate her? that is the question

but i sure do know i like this video

lady gaga- bad romance


oh riri what are we gonna do with you

honestly, i am going to be controversial and say rihanna just basically threw chris brown under the bus. i of course do not condone domestic violence or any violence for that matter.

i have heard on the down low that rihanna was the crazy bitch who was abusing chris brown and asking for this to happen, even though no matter what two wrongs don't make a right.

but at the same she kind of has to play the victim, PR wise...

i think their publicists are having conflicts. she tells the whole story while he refuses to..

part 1

part 2


when i get you to the crib...upstairs to the bed...

ooooooohhhhh myyyyy gooooodddddd

i have no words for this video. WATCH IT.
i want trey songz.



download weezy's newest mixtape here...



no one can fuck you better..


jay z ft foxy brown- ain't no nigga

the city never sleeps better slip you an ambien

not much to say here, everyone and their grandmother (literally) likes this song.
predictable video, but good.

what i wanna know is when did they shoot this video! i would have gone to the city and gotten lil mama up in their ishh

jay z ft alicia keys- empire state of mind