5 things that scare me about NYC

1. homeless/crazy people. I'M SORRY I'M SORRY GOSH, i know they're in need of help but DEY SCARE ME SOMETIMES OK?! i'm a helpless defenseless 22 year old girl and my pepper spray connect hasn't come through yet and my mom didn't sign me up for tiger schulmanns when i was a tot. i always gotta keep my windows up and doors locked when i'm driving in the city because homeless people love coming up to my car at red lights and dancing and talking (true story)

2. subways. i hope there are case studies about subways because people just CHANGE in those underground cars. as soon as you step in those doors i feel like someone is going to #yesyougetslappedifyoulookinghoe slap me if i look at them. it is an unsaid rule to put your best emotionless face on and look like you are unaware that there is a full blown mariachi band playing in the car.

3. children international solicitors. i mean they don't really scare me they just annoy the shit out of me. ESPECIALLY when they come up to you all unsuspecting and ish. they'll be like "hey, can i use your lighter?" and then be like "HEY, CAN YOU SAVE SOME CHILDREN?" aw hells no. RUN!!