i like a girl thats thick in the waist yanno, the type of girl that'll finish ya plate...

i'm about a month late on this video but i cannot get enough of this song...

method man & red man - miss international



rick ross- boss lady

what the hell goes on in this video? i actually like this song...but this video killed it! no offense but i don't want to see your fat ass shopping and on vacation rick ross.

on a more positive note...

fabolous drops his album loso's way today so throw that in the bagg =)

fabolous ft keri hilson- everything, everyday, everywhere



kanye teamed up with fuse to present a live performance straight from chicago for his kanye west foundation...i knew i was gonna miss it but thank god for the internet (and lady danger) cause you can watch the whole thing right up there ^^^^^ it's a little off with the audio and video, sowwie



watch drake's freestyle w funkmaster flex first and then...

watch this guy's spoof on his freestyle...I CANT DEAL HAHAHA

i need some bananas, some apricot..

what just happened?

what a TRIP this video is

i couldn't even focus on the song!

n.a.s.a ft spank rock, MIA, santogold and nick zinner- whatchadoin?


chris brown apologizes

so chris brown finally apologized to the public for his actions...honestly i love chris brown and i think he is just a young boy who is under a lot of pressure...nobody knows what chris brown and rihanna's relationship was like except for them, chris brown deserves a second chance for sure.

but WTF is he wearing?!


oh vida

vida guerra- like that

i just had to watch this because its vida guerra even though shes pretty amazing, i could not predict this as anything but bad.

and i was right!

i could make a better song. i think she should just get by with her looks, sorry =/


katt williams

oh how do i love katt williams.

heres a 1:30 clip to make your day =D



drake is on fiyaaa...

this track is mmazing! this is on his newest mixtape, which i just posted

drake- the winner


Heartbreak Drake Pt 2

another mixtape from mr.drake...i already have most of these songs, soo good.
i CANNOT wait for drake & kid cudi's debut albums...big big thangs.

download Heartbreak Drake pt 2 HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE

01. Signs Intro
02. Do It Now
03. Juice (Produced by Boi 1nda)
04. The Winner (produced by Tha Bizness)
05. Slow It Down
06. Something
07. Stunt On You
08. Belly
09. The One (Feat. Mary J. Blige)
10. Digital Girl (Remix) (Feat. Jamie Foxx, Kanye West & The-Dream)
11. Invented Sex (Feat. Trey Songz)
12. Successful (Feat. Trey Songz)
13. Unstoppable (Feat. Lil Wayne & Santogold)
14. Im Going In (Feat. Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy)
15. Take You Down
16. Best I Ever Had (Feat. Ma$e)
17. Thank Me Later Outro

sasha fierce is put out.

this is one of my favorite's from beyonce's latest album but honestly lets be real...

how many videos can sasha fierce get away with, with her dancing with that tranny & girl? it's getting so old and i'm starting to feel like beyonce has such a big egoooo (but she loves her big ego lol) because her performances are just all about HER. no storyline, no nathang. don't get me wrong the imagery is cool in this video but enough is enough. STOP IT! tehe

beyonce- sweet dreams


beautiful people of the world

good morning...not much really as been going on in the news except diddy's white party ::yawn::...but i really do like this shoot christina millan and her fiance the dream did for vibe's final issue....they look hot.

i've been listening to soo much lauryn hill lately...THE TRUTHH

The Sweetest Thing - Refugee Camp All Stars feat. Lauryn Hill

enjoy this beautiful day : )


you are not the best

drake- best i ever had

i don't want to ruin this video for people who have not heard/seen about it yet...so watch it