our economy sucks, but hey at least theres good music

and im going to bring you that goodie good music...

i have a lot to share so get comfortable..

i just saw this one on kanye's blog...

fonzworth bentley- a town streets

and i heard this one today...i love it.. ron browz is hot, i love pop champagne and i love this one...

busta rhymes ft ron browz- arab money

T.I's new album drops...tomarrroooow....definitley something worth picking up ! seriously, he really created something with this album, he already has swagga like us which is becoming an anthem...whatever you like...swing your rag...and live your life! and no matter what. thats already five hot songs, so im sure the rest will be just as great. 

and as for music videos, ludacris came out with this off of his new album, this is the video so enjoy. im so happy hes back on a whole bunch of songs, ludacris is never going anywhere and he gets better with every album, and his songs are classic, like WHATS YOUR FANTASY. i enjoy ANYTHING ludacris does, this song is pretty official, he needed a song like this....enjoy

ludacris- undisputed 

the vice presidental debate is this thursday...that should be interesting. 

get out of my life why don't you babe?

i cant sleep oh great ! so instead i watch music videos cause im a feen for videos ? and youtube.

this is a great video, i love this song, its type old but no one asked that...
click on the link it wont embed ..

mark ronson- stop me

i cant wait to see this character next weekend ! 

tina fey is SOO funny as sarah palin 


you and i are like oil and water...

today is a day for incubus. incubus is perfect when you need it. like on a sunday when you're cleaning your room, or you just want to lay in bed and listen to music. iiiinnncubbbbusss.


when you want more than you have, you think you need...

hey yalll

im going to be back either sunday or monday!!

for now ....  enjoy this song. "society" by eddie vedder. if you saw "into the wild" you would know this song....but i really love this song, i love eddie vedder. 

"society" eddie vedder

"no more war" eddie vedder <-- really good video

have a great weekend guysssss :) 


wonder showzen is wild

this is the craziest most offensive show that was ever on mtv, and i loved every minute of it.



nothing else is going on but me registering to vote today ( you MUSTT register to vote ! ) and 50 cent trying to get any attention he possibly could get his hands on by saying that jay z was no one until he married beyonce.....what? 

t-pain ft ludacris- chopped and screwed
this is so nice, i've never seen this before, so many people coming together !

carrie underwood, beyonce, mariah carey, miley cyrus, natasha bedingfield, fergie, rihanna, nicole from pcd, leona lewis, mary j blige, ashanti, ciara and keyshia cole! damn!


bonified hustler making my name

how old is the paper planes video? im seeing it right now for the first time on tv.

im happy for M.IA that she's getting really popular, sometimes people get mad that their favorite artist start getting popular, but good for her shes a fucking g anyway she'll always stay the same. she is on a whole nother level, like she landed on earth from another planet! 

if you haven't seen it, here you go...

i love men

wednesday is always my favorite day

the weekend is almost here, and its just seems like wednesday is always a good day.

a good day because
...kayne said on his blog he is pushing his album release to november...808's and heartbreaks...can i get a yesss!
...its getting closer and closer to the day i go see n.e.r.d and common...i know that is going to be sick, ughhh

T.I's papertrail is coming out next tuesday...im definitley going to get that, even though i feel like i know every song from it already. allhiphop.com gave it 7 1/2 out of 10.

i saw the kardashian sisters on the tyra banks show yesterday, and yes i have to be a cornball and say I LOVE THEM. they're so good together, they definitley stand out against all those other girls out there, and they show girls its okay to have some curves. i think they're all pretty, people hate on khole but i think shes pretty, dont hatttttte.

people loveee kim kardashian. she said a few months ago that she uses a certain lipstick from MAC, and we have been struggling to keep it in stock ever since.

i have to go be schoooled. byee!


new piercing

i got this a few days ago ...

another piercing. #8. thats a lot of metal lol.

people have been steady putting out remixes of love lockdown... lets talk about some

kayne west ft trey songz .... HORRIBLE oh my god this is horrible my ears are gonna bleed ... he knows how to butcher songs by remixing on them i feel like....

hahaha and then jin....oh jin, i remember when i used to read your blog. who are you? i havent heard anything from you since the " so sick " remix

heres a triple black card it ain't trickin if you got it!!

haha who remembers THIS song/video? im not even gunna say what it is ... just watch it

yeahhh dadddyy ;)



weezy never stops.

i cant stop with these damn facecharts, im addicted to shading

new keri hilson ft lil wayne- turn me off 


i got more than enough reasons to know this aint our season...

shout out to pat shand right now for telling me there was a picture of a PENIS on my blog lmao. 

" PS: There is kinda a picture of a man's richard on your blog. Just thought you should know. "

i had this little picture that said " facebook is to socializing as masturbation is to sex" but it was a PENIS instead because some ppl dont like when you take their pictures. 

oh wow lol. 


i changed my blog song...to SOLANGE..yes you know i love solange lol.
this song is called "dancing in the dark" soooooooooo good.

woah PS i posted this exactly 12 hours after my last post! 

i cant go to sleep

what the fuck ever, i cant go to sleep.

five things i hate about facebook.

1. application requests. no i dont want to find out if so and so is interested in me, nor do i need an honesty box, i am an honesty box.

2. how people are being such go-hards about the new facebook. its really not that bad, and it will never be that serious. stop inviting me to BRING BACK THE OLD FACEBOOK groups.

3. how girls are "married" on facebook. you are not being quirky , or cute. you're fucking single, get over it.

4. this is a new one, since my lil brothers have facebook now...dont confess your crush on your status, LOL. 
"_____" is how am i going to tell her how i feel?...
yes this is what 14 year olds are doing now-a-days.

5. i hate when people's favorite music is -- everything. no, you don't like rascal flatts, no you don't like rammstein...no you don't like slipknot...you don't like enya.

oh yeah and this one...

6. when people quote rap songs for their albums...like last year...ay bay bay...or this year...call me so i can make it juicy for ya.....ughhh. just not good guys. 



i want a perfect body, i want a perfect soul.

happy sunday! 


this video is wild. i've seen the magic of photoshop thanks to the industry i work in, and it is sad because it really makes perfection impossible. not saying anybody's perfect, but it makes our magazines and advertisements so unrealistic. 

the fashion/cosmetic industry is just sooo out there sometimes. 

this trend show i had to go to for cosmetics was unreal. basically it was a bunch of ladies in the auidence FEENING for younger looking skin, and cosmetic companies like fusion introducing products that INSTANTLY fill in wrinkles.

and just fashion, these models are aliens! everytime i do a photoshoot or any other gigs, these girls are like aliens with their 6 foot 110 llb selves. they do not look like the average girl...and its crazy how the standards for modeling is so high. i am 5'9 and i feel short and ugly next to them lol, even though i am NOT. 

there's your weirdness for today.

p.s ... is there any real, good people out there? 


she look at me like inspiration, she wanna be compliment to my swag, and everything she got she work for it

im so exhausted! i have been non stop running, but its good id rather be busy than not. fashion show i did last night was straight chaos, but it was fun. ill eventually put up some pictas.

i hate boys that drive stoopid. 
me and sarah (hi!) we're on the westside highway last night @ a red light and these boyzz kept blowing kisses at us and just being stupid boys, and the light goes green...
and they are driving like idiots. all of the sudden every car starts braking... and of course these boys got into an accident and took off the front of another car. moral of the story is..dont drive like an asshole. because me and sarah we're right behind you! no one was hurt though...

but someone is hurt. someone important...DJ AM and Travis Barker. they both we're in an airplane crash, both in critical condition with severe burns. 4 other people died, including travis' assistant. please get better, you guys are sickly together! 

hope everybody's having a good weekend =) <3


say my name when i beep beep beep we can do it in the pool or the jeep jeep jeep

i dont think im gonna video blog for a while lol. i dont like it. maybe ill do it for something serious. hahahaa

im really feeling this miss independent remix .... its called "she got her own"..if you havent turned off the music already it should be playing on my page. 

and then im REALLLY feeling this song, oh my god. beep beep - bobby v feat yung joc   i love bobby valentino maybe because back in the day someone crammed "tell me" into my head every day. but seriously, bobby v has been into those soundeffect's with mrs officer going wee-o-weee (like a cop car) and now hes doing this beep beep thing...interesante. 
by the way, i have a feeling there will be a music video for mrs officer soon. that song is has stayed on the radio since carter III has came out.



9/17/08 from michelle schultz on Vimeo.

im not going into that party...

i am not gunna lie i loled at this, this guy probaly gets high as hell and just goes with it.
i liked lupe's outfit though!..ludacris' jacket is kinda awful though.

being overexposed is the worst.

50 cent, you are fucking annoying and overexposed.
dont hate on kanye ! you love to hate, dont be mad that you cant have songs other than fucking girls and getting $$$.
you are what i call a famewhore...he will do anything and hate on anybody so he can up on bossip and other crap.

here he is hating on kanye..hes not even funny

but here IS something funny...tina fey impersonating palin...if i didn't know it was fey, i would think it was actually her....sooo great!

i will definitley swing by target and pick up ne-yo's new ish todayy..i really wanna hear it, so ill let you peoples know how it is !

have a beautiful day, its beautiful out !


ccontr0v: im getting too horny lol

okay well a certain miss wanted some help on making a SEX playlist. oh come on, we are all grown ......well uhh i love making playlists, and who doesn't want/have a sex playlist, so heres mine...


chance of a lifetime and i cant waste it, if being beautiful was a test then you aced it, your skin is flawless...

today has been a horrible day =( really. i never say horrible. 

not cool things are going on, but i just try to remember everything makes me stronger and wiser in the end. ugh.

but this song is really hot, i love jadakiss. a-ha!

jadakiss ft ne-yo - by my side 


i got hoes, in different area codes.

nate dogg got a stroke...again! nooo, i love nate dogg, hes an OG. prayers go out to him!

who can sing so beautifully about regulating and exploding their gat?

now nate dogg is having strokes and warren g is a contestant on celebrity fit club.
can i get a WOMP WOMP?

ive been all up on ludacris lately, i used to have a not-so-secret crush on him back in the 8th grade, and maybe some of it is still there :). he has such good energy in his verses, and hes always amazing. so speaking of nate dogg and ludacris i might as well post THIS...

ludacris- area codes (ft nate dogg)

ok one last video dont hate me...all are worth enjoying...

finally got a hold of the new kanye song...i love this song, they played it on the radio today, im not sure how people are gonna feel on this, buttttt.....i like it, kanye is unpredictable!!! wildd baby. 

i just dont like that bird crowing at the end, thats a whole nother level im not willing to get on at this time.

5 things i love about september...
1. the weather is beautiful
2. a lot of good albums seem to drop in september (ne-yo's album drops tomarrow)
3. fashion week
4. fall shopping =D
5. oprah is back in action

i think ne-yo is a song whore sometimes. i didn't want to believe this until i turned on mtv hits and saw this.

^^and i cant believe that jennifer hudson got engaged to PUNK from i love new york. if you are a " i love new york" feen like i am, then you'd know hes actually a pretty legit guy with a havard law degree , but of course nobody mentions that.


la de da

not much to say, i have work in a little bit, i gotta get ready...
BUT here is a old ass video WORTH watching...one of eminem's early videos, i cant wait for him to come back....guilty conscience- eminem ft dr dre

have a good weekend ;)


your mind is like a prison, for gods light to shine through..

so fashion rocks was a few days ago, i missed it, didn't tivo it or anything, but WOW chris brown and wow solange! definitley learned a few things from miss beyonce.

solange performing "i decided pt 1"

chris brown performing some sam cooke song and then "forever" doing some crazy ass flips !


you never know we love until its over love, until we lose control, system overload...

oh kanye, the temper that you have. as much as i love this man, he is a big baby sometimes! ... he got arrested this morning for attacking a photographer and breaking his camera, see the footage straight from TMZ

the good news about kanye is that he released the studio recording of that song he performed at the VMAS "love lockdown"...this shit is hard to find, i really like this song....definitely different. listen to it thanks to perez.

enough about kanye, lets talk about TRAVIEE<3 class="Apple-style-span" style="font-weight: bold;">aka gym class heroes dropped their new album " the quilt " this past tuesday.

and i bought it of course. very good. i could never hate on gym class heroes if you paid me, but it is in all seriousness veryy good. they're definitely more hip-hop then they've ever been..but they do it well. 
anyways, ill post up my 2 favorite songs from the album besides peace sign/ index down and cookie jar cause yeah....1. live forever (fly with me) 2. kissin' ears (feat the dream)

and....i got LL COOL J's new one, exit 13. i don't really know why i did? but i'm glad i did, he definitley worked so hard on this, 19 tracks! he's never really been my favorite, but they're are a bunch of tracks i really like, really well put together. 

P.S- the dirty version of "baby" is dirty! 

P.S.S- why doesn't the dream ever perform, or show up at any award shows?


today is an unforgettable day...

today is the anniversary of 9.11.... 7 years.
my heart goes out to the families and everyone who was affected by this tragedy.


you can rock my body turn me over, love is war, you're my solider

so today i wore my ^"ba-rack the vote"^ shirt while going to class and doing othererrands, and wow. people are all up on it! shouting across whole foods, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?! introducing me to people so they can see my shirt, starting some political conversations... lol i didnt think it was that serious. 

so its mid-fashion week, of course kayne stays in that tent....speaking of kayne they're are some rumors floating around about him dropping an album before the end of the year?! ahhh...

i could spend hours upon hours on youtube, and i came across the dream's demo for "bed"...interesting! if you didnt know, the dream wrote and produced "bed"..and rumor is chris brown wanted it but the dream decided to give it to j.holiday instead and ever since then the dream and chris brown have beef? uhh anyways, i love this song so much 

im excited for tonight, im going to the ny couture show which is an aweesomee line and has amazing unique pieces, definitley going to be a good time. the picture on the right is one of their pieces, panda dress! i love it.

asta la vista! 


i style crazy and net like jay-z...

so i finally got the shoes ive been feening on..during the fall/winter when im not wearing flip flops 24/7 , i loveeee...sneakers. only certain ones though.

like these!


sarah palin makes me nervous for our country

reading things like this makes me NERVOUS. 
really? are we really going to let this monster run our country? really? 

.....just say no to palin.
...just say no to mccain.

do you know cindy mccain's outfit at the republican convention was estimated to be something like 350,000 by vanity fair? 

now this is beautiful, change we can believe in!!

im just a soul who intentions are good....

since im a nice girl, ill post some videos worth watching from the vmas...:)

lil wayne w. leona lewis && t-pain

T.I and rihanna

i dont have much to share today, today starts school for realll...i got some pretty amazing shoes today ill have to photo booth those bad boys tomarrow.

BAD BOYS FOR LIFEee hahaha i love this video...dont worry if i write rhyme i write checks!


keep your love locked down!

yes yes the vmas i know i know...im ready to give you some serious summary.

--britney spears is back, complete with crimped hair and one sleeve dresses! i feel like she was a effing robot, trying to not say anything about the past year she was not present! she creeps me out, and she didnt deserve to win those awards, wackkkk. she didnt perform despite all the rumors and whatnot.

--russell brand...is bland. i really dont feel him on any level.

--LEONA LEWIS and lil wayne. that was sick, "t-wayne" i feel like i see too much =X. lil wayne NEEDED to pick up his pants just a wittle bit during that performance, just a wittle tensy bit. and why does he have his lip pierced? not so cute on him.

--pink is awesome, shes such a good performer, and i really liked her performance and i like that song.

--rihanna in the beginning...ehh. rihanna in the middle with ti..YES. if you read this you'd know that song already, and have known they were performing it, but they did a sick job together, and i like what T.I did in the beginning with "whatever you like". rihanna needs some double tape, she was holding on to her vest like it was her job. 

--so people are already yappin to me about how much christina sucked. yeah, she did. her lip synching was horrrrible.  i wish i could not hate, but she didnt do it like she used to. and she does looks amazing for having a baby but those legging thangs were not a good look on her, and that hair looked awful.

-- i hate kid rock, he looks scary and the same from his very first vma performance. good thinking having weezy come out, but nahh.

-- finally, kayne west closed with some song ive never heard. song was good, i did like it, kayne did give it his all as usual, the drummers in the back were cool....but i dont know if that was the way to close ? whatever, i want that heart he had !!

if you didn't get to catch any of this ish, and you live under a rock and dont know how to find it, youtube is a great invention.

ps. shout out to sarah for asking me what a weezy is. =P


my president is black..my lambo's blue..

RGHHH! i hate this storm! now im stuck here and not in the city =( sorry im being a little bay-bay.

sooo...sources are saying britney is NOT performing tomarrow...ill believe it when i dont see it >_<

the song your ears love right now is "my president is black" with young jeezy and nas off "the recession". this is DEFINITLEY an epic song, this has been on repeat on itunes.
i play out songs so fast. is it sad that i already played out "swagga like us"??

so SOLANGE...i bought the cd finally yesterday, and i definitley like it, its everything i was expecting. the songs sound like nothing else out in the mainstream world right now and its really refreshing.  definitley worth picking up. 

i read a really interesting article/experiment this girl did. she set up two online dating profiles, both identical pictures except one with curly hair and one with straight. the straight haired profile got 181 e-mails vs 60 for the curly hair! shows how much just the damn texture of your hair changes your fate??....view the article here.


hahahaha i love thisss!


so live your life...instead of chasing that paper...

VMAS what the fuckk! 
excuse my french but wow i am SO excited for sunday. because...

1. britney spears is back, bitches. she deff gonna suprise us all...

2. ti released another track from paper trail...this track is SEEEEERIOUSS. plus word on the block is rihanna and T.I will be performing this together at the VMAS. 
ti feat rihanna- live your live

lol this dude is DEFINITLEY going to love this song ^^^^


her offbeat dance makes me fantasize....

oooh it feels good to not have much to do to today!

hmmm...it feels really good to have someone whose there for me no matter what. he really doesn't have to be, but he always is and its always so appreciated. makes me happy to know that there are SOME real people out there :). its hard to figure out people's hidden agendas...

anyways, lets post up a old good video! let me get a really good one...hmm...

N.E.R.D- she wants to move

ok i love this song, video is pretty cool, I JUST LOVE THIS SONG


i need a vacation...

one more video, im being OD with embedding these videos, but this is an actual music video 

young jeezy- vacation

whose album dropped yesterday..hmm i have most of the songs already, i like it...he has a style that i cant really hate on.

ok i dont know why im all up on it today but i am so enjoy! ;)

haters, i aint mad at you..if i wasnt me i'd probably jock me too!

wednesday is the best day!

somewhere in between having a meeting in the city and having school i managed to drop some serious cash flow at marc jacobs and bestey johnson. who are my favorite designers fyi....

fashion week is next week ! ahhh im so PUMPED to see everything, the clothes, the models, the makeup of course. fashion rocks will be next week too, where fashion (!!) and music (!!!) come together and rock outtttt haha im so corny. tuesday, september 9 on CBS.

and the vmas are this sunday too ! so much good-ness. this sunday, september 7 9 or 8 pm im not sure on MTV.

ll cool j is going so hard on this song, good for him. its been blowing up hot 97 like what...

mmm and 50 cent remixed on cant believe it (t-pain and lil wayne)
im not so sure how i feel about it...i like the original better so far, maybe it will grow on it, ehh no.
hear for yourself.

and then this is the other remix w bow wow and juelz...

i just feel like the original was SO good by itself and simple and these remixes are like so degrading towards woman and i actually liked this song cause it wasn't. i'm not some feminist psycho and it is what it is.......
but it is nice to hear a hip hop song that doesn't say "she give me head till she chokin" or "your bitch be all on me"? >_<


im a rockstar...baby baby baby...

happy tuesday!

i did my makeup inspired by that beyonce picture in the youtube vid below for work today...likey?


bizarre- rockstar
hahahaha tooo much

it could be a sweet dream..or a beautiful nightmare..either way i dont want to wake up from you.

beyonce is ON POINT with her new songs. on point.
this song (beautiful nightmare) is soo good. it doesnt sound like her typical ish.

^^ her makeup looks amazing right there, her makeup is always flawless...

so is solange's...funky fresh!

speaking of miss solange...i NEEEEEEEEED her cd. i neeeeed it! i cant find it anywhere in stoopid westchester! i hear its amazing. mark ronson and nerd produce some tracks, lil wayne & cee-lo are on it and solange is awesome.

but i DID get the new NAS ish..ill talk about that tomarrow...

sweeeet dreams cuties ;]


no one on the corner has swagga like M.A.C

happy labor day?!

i was bored at work today...just messing around with face charts. an art that i'm trying to master. 

ive been running around like CRAZYYYY since i got home from vacation...ive hardly been sleeping at home, whatevs! id rather be busy than not. this week has city written all over it, which means HAPPY is written all over my face.

 i love being in the city as much as i can...i have a meeting in SoHo wednesday which means i will be all over broadway, prince and spring like how i was last yearrr ya diggg.

i prob shouldn't even be blogging right now i have so much to do but who cares....:]
so for some reason ive been ALL on the campaign lately...and this sarah palin VP character has a pregnant 17 year old daughter...bad looks, bad looks. this lady has scandals all over not good for those republicans ya know?
im so PUMPED, its official, im gonna see common & N.E.R.D next month....yesssss. i get chills just thinking about it, im corny i know.

your electric..your creative..your the picture girl i just painted.

this song stays in my head....all the time...definitley one of my top 10 favorite songs. iknow its "old" but this song will NEVER get old to me. ever.


her attitude is hotter than the earth's core
when she's around nothing else matters
untouchable she's got her own forcefield
sooner or later someone will get at her
if i don't someone else will..

ill be your jay z you can be my beyonce....

ahh my heart hurts for the people in the new orleans region..i cant believe they have to evacuate to bear another hurricane WORSE than katrina. awful, just realllly awful. =(

on a lighter? note....

diddy is a fucking stupidhead. i feell like he shot this video in a random backyard in a office chair twirling around....heres his response to mccain's VP pick.

i cant believe this house by the way.....if you drove past this house in yonkers....you would get chills like i did yesterday. its a MANSION planted in the middle of yonkers. beyonce's "irreplaceable" was filmed here.

read this new york times article about the history of this beauty...worth reading...so interesting...