who remembers MUZZY?

i remember this commercial from when i was a lil kiddie

Cam'ron- Get It In Ohio

inside your heart it is black and it is hollow and it is cold...

good morning beautiful people

heres something to throw you off a little bit...amazing song

The Hand That Feeds - Nine Inch Nails

and heres a FML to get your day started (your life doesn't suck that badly)

Today, I went to my first strip club for my friends birthday. I also found out what my girlfriend does for a living. FML


jadakiss- can't stop me

sooooooo freeeshhhh

i love watching jadakiss

Asher Roth & Kid CuDi

via kanye's blog

asher roth & kid cuDi performing in vegas

i <3 these two men

blame it on the booze, got you feeling loose...

jamie foxx ft t-pain- blame it

1. ron howard in this video? RANDOM
2. it's confusing to me how they block out the word "butt" but they don't edit out where t-pain says .. "got my seat's all wet in my ride"


juelz santana invites you to his bday

via miss info ...

haha what a snazzy invite

and i cant believe hes 26! i feel like juelz has been around forevvvver ...



..... oh yeah..

so damn beautiful...

Akon ft. Colby O' Donis & Kardinal Offishall- Beautiful

a lot of my friends like this song....i say ehh its ok.

every bitch in the industry wanna roc my mic, i'm hot like light , i'm tough like ike

hahaha this song is so great ... but the video doesn't have lil wayne's verse. lame

suck it or not/wet wipes - camron

and when i try to walk away you'd hurt yourself to make me stay..this is crazy...

this is inspired by kanye...

one of my favorite old school songs that would be a hit any year it came out...


on a mission to get lifted like john legend

police seized FIVE HUNDRED (500!) pounds of weed from fabolous' tour bus! 
thats soo much weed. ALOT of weed. like half a ton of marijuana. 

everybody loves that maui wowie =D and i <3 style="width:300px;">

Maui Wowie - KiD CuDi

f my life.

i have been slacking in this department of my life...i apologize!

but i promise that i'm more focused and im gonna deliver you all that good ish..

seriously, this website makes my life...

does something every happen to you where you just say to yourself.....fuck my life.

well this website will make you feel like, 1000 times better haha.

here's just one of the entries someone submitted...

Today, I was DJ'ing a wedding. The groom wanted a song played for his grandma and grandpa. I announce over the microphone for his grandparents to come to the dance floor for a special song. Turns out his grandparents have been dead for over a year and the song was supposed to be in dedication. FML



good monday to you

happy mondays people, new week, new post, new music so lets get to it. . .

so how about the dream? i am feening for this love vs. money...march 10 guys march 10...

every song is firee...

and WOW this song...
it kind of makes me want to do bad things =O

the dream-sweat it out


new dream & kanye

this song is addictive...

the dream ft kanye west- walking on the moon


cause you're that special

here's some songs I have been feeling...

Dr.Dre ft T.I & Nas- Topless

Jay Rock Ft. Lil Wayne, The Game, Gorilla Zoe & Busta Rhymes - All My Life (Remix)



"Bullet Proof Weave: Womans's Weave Stops Bullet & Saves Her Life In Kansas! "I Invested Alot Into This Wig"

hahahahaha that must have been some hefty, synthetic weave she has going on there. her ex boyfriend must be so mad lmao


new kid cudi

kid cudi ft wale- look up in the stars



this keyboard can't express how much I am IN LOVE with this video!!!!!

between this and the kanye video my brain is going to explode.

I was playing this song non-stop for a while...I think this video is gonna make me do that again...


Kid CuDi- Day N Nite ... =D

la la la

remember i posted about this girl?

well look who she is dating! randomundo...


I want winter to be over with.

Cause I'm sick of everyone wearing stupid UGGS. I'm not gonna lie, I used to wear them. But they are lame. Please stop with the Uggs. Thank You.


two fine gentlemen

T.I ft Justin Timberlake - Dead and Gone
this video i have NO words for.

kanye west ft kid cudi-welcome to heartbreak

old school

this brings the LOLs , the best old school I have posted in a while..this is 19 years old

jaz ft jay-z-hawaiian sophie


let's go to sleep in paris, and wake up in tokyo...

Did you know Hello Kitty is the official ambassador of Japan?

I want to go to Japan so bad...

new music mondays

I have been crrazy busy lately, and our Hello Kitty event was really busy and tiring this weekend..but I always have time for new music mondays =D

lil wayne ft mishon & sean garrett-girlfriend ringtone

LMAO @ THIS SONG..i did not expect this from gorilla zoe .....gorilla zoe- i like them girls

jadakiss ft barrington levy - hard times



so much love for dave chappelle.

bitch i live in a fucking trash can!!!! lmao


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

happy valentines day!!

valentines day isn't about just having a husband, boyfriend or boo. it's about appreciating the people you love...your parents, friends, etc. 

so enjoy today, in whatever status you are in =)

heres one of my favorite "love" songs...

"I never knew a luh, luh-luh, a love like this
Gotta be somethin for me to write this
Queen, I ain't seen you in a minute
Wrote this letter, and finally decide to send it
Signed sealed delivered for us to grow together
Love has no limit, let's spend it slow forever
I know your heart is weathered by what studs did to you]
I ain't gon' assault em cause I probably did it too
Because of you, feelings I handle with care
Some niggaz recognize the light but they can't handle the glare
You know I ain't the type to walk around with matchin shirts
If relationship is effort I will match your work"

- Common- The Light

Common - The Light - Common - The Light


well isn't this awkward

the latest of the greatest ...


^ charles hamilton newest mixtape

something about charles hamilton. i can't put my finger on it....

he has SO much potential. he takes so many creative chances with his music. i love his sampling...and he's so real with everything. i can definitely connect to him...i can definitely appreciate any artist who has fun with their music and takes chances.

this song is what made me fall in love with charles hamilton..THIS WHOLE BEAT IS WINDOW XP SOUNDS!!!


slumdog millionaire


if you haven't seen it, GO.

i saw it a couple weeks back and I CANNOT stop thinking about it.

it is just a beautiful story with a great plot... nominated for 10 academy awards.

heres a short clip from the movie

and this song is AMAZING.

A.R Rahman ft M.I.A- O..Saya

you better listen to that song, or else ...

back seat windows up thats the way you like to....

Whats Your Fantasy - Ludacris feat. Shawnna

Is it a problem that I knew every word to this song when I was 12?


p.s- you know this is old because they are riding around with scooters LOL.

weird shiz

haha i dont know why i am posting this...

i heard this song today....and all i could think was.....no homo.

bow wow ft jermaine dupri- roc the mic

AND THEN....i heard this song....and was about to change the station until i heard ludacris ..... HUHh?

jesse mccartney ft ludacris- how do you sleep

too much ........ LOL


me & u about to get down 24 inches from the ground..

Most of the time I don't like girl groups (Danity Kane for example)...but this song is ridonkulous. For a second I thought it was Beyonce...the only way to listen to this song is to BLAST IT.

Rich Girl ft Bun B- 24's

lady in the street but a freak in the bed...

ok ok ok..this song is ALRIGHT...it is definitely no "what's your fantasy" or "splash waterfalls"

they're is some nice eye candy in this video though...

ludacris ft plies- nasty girl


10 things about me.

Since i know people don't know me read my blog...and all the facebook addicts have been posting those "25 things" ..things, i figured id post ten things about me that hopefully can connect any readers to my blog =)

1. I don't only listen to hip-hop/r&b/rap...even though I mainly post about it. I love everything from Daft Punk to Incubus to Mindless Self Indulgence to Say Anything to Tegan and Sara...

2. Besides being obsessed and completely saturating myself in music, I love makeup (I'm a makeup artist for MAC), any form of art (I find inspiration in anything and everything) , documentaries (I love learning about the world) , traveling (I'm going to europe this summer), and wikipeding EVERYTHING.

3. I am a vegetarian and are very much for animal rights (No I am not going to throw paint on your fur coat). Animals are not appreciated in our society, and it's really sad. Eventually I want to do volunteer work for any kind of sanctuary or shelter...maybe this summer.

4. I will try most of anything...I find it hard not to take chances and try new things. I definitely will be going sky diving this year.

5. I don't get to do it as much as i'd like to...but I love to cook, especially for other people. And I'd rather eat at home then go out any day.

6. I live in NY.. and I love everything about it. I love that i live 40 mins from the NYC and can come home to beautiful land, I love the opportunities, I love the people (minus the guidos NO LOVE FOR YOU)...even though its quite isolating from the rest of the U.S, I like it that way.

7. i am not really a sports person, but I LOVE going to baseball games and basketball games. I can't wait to see Citifield stadium!! ... I don't like football.

8. Being a marketing major in college, I learn a lot about social trends and how things have changed...and it's quite depressing. My children will NOT be babysitted by video games or the computer... and no way I am spoiling my children. Although my mom has a successful business and we have a great life, and I am reminded daily of how lucky I am..and if i want something I work for it.

9. My grandpa was a fairly famous boxer, a professional diver, a lifeguard, and was stationed in Germany in the army. He had AMAZING stories, I wish he was still around because I know I would appreciate his stories so much more.

10. It's really a commitment for me to watch a movie lol. I hardly ever watch a movie by myself. I saw Slumdog Millionare and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button...which were AMMMAZING. And I saw He's Just Not That Into You last night...and it was AWFUL...absolutely painful.

HELLO KITTY..the world's cutest fashion muse.

i love working for MAC for so many reasons...but a big one is how artistic they are. its not all about beauty and skincare, its about art and inspiration. We have training about 4 times a year to learn about new products that come out, and we always see really cool artistic inspiration videos...and lately they have been putting them up on Youtube.

this video is reallly awesome, but very SHOCKING and SCANDALOUS. not how you would imagine Hello Kitty.

.......and those guys with the hello kitty heads on and the bondage straps?

they are going to be at some of the locations for the Hello Kitty events! so if you want to see some shirtless guys with some bondage on...go on over to your local MAC lol.

As we rock to the left, rock to the right...lend me your body ima rock it all night

i've been waiting for this video foreverrrr

and its SIIIIIIIICCCKKKK! its so trippy in a good day...and the dream is looking good.every detail is amazing, the lighting, the styling ( i have one of those pair of pants one of the girls are wearing =P, andddd the sunglasses are sick)... i cannot WAIT for this album to drop!

today is a day for r&b...bobby v and ryan leslie's albums dropped today...i bought one of them...i'll talk about that later


jeez chris brown.

I'm not going to cite any sources or anything..because EVERYBODY I know is on this story like hounds....

I don't even know how I feel about this whole thing, there are obviously a few parts that are unclear...only time will reveal?

This is just really unfortunate for chris brown. Trust me, I don't feel bad for him...but for someone soo young and so talented, its just sad. I was talking to my friend about this whole thing today and she said " well it doesn't change me liking him as a artist..." and she's right, chris brown makes great music and is a great performer...

but I could never listen to chris brown and not think about this whole thing. Just like Michael Jackson or R.Kelly....he still has great songs...but I never can listen to them without thinking about them loving little boys or peeing on teenage girls lol.

at the end of the day, hopefully justice will be served and everything will be straightened out.

I guess chris brown wont be doubling his pleasure or his fun...or at least he won't be getting paid for it =P

its that time...new music mondays

t-pain ft lil wayne- snap your fingers

big boi- ringtone

i can't find anything great...womp womp. these songs aren't even that great...

so i'll rely on the past with some OLLLLDDD SCHOOL ish to make you all happppy.....

Ill Be There For You / Youre All I Need To Get By - Method Man

best song evvvvveeeerrrr.......

i love college <3

via pardon my fresh

i've been waiting for this video..cheyyyyyaaaaa

asher roth - i love college

more performances

lil wayne & robin thicke performing "tie my hands"

katy perry performing "i kissed a girl" ... please watch this in high quality, its awful otherwise

2009 grammy performances

ok lazy asses, no need to look further than here if you missed the grammys. =) heres some of the performances ...

Jennifer Hudson

T.I & Justin Timberlake performing "Dead and Gone"

M.I.A , T.I, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne- Swagga like us

Coldplay & Jay-Z- Lost

since it ended about an hour ago, not ALL the performances are up yet, so be patient, and ill have some

Katy Perry...and Lil Wayne & Robin Thicke...and Kanye & Estelle


chris brown is gonna take you down..but not in a good way.

i heard this story tonight, you probs heard about it already...blogging about this stuff is whatever, especially since it's a developing story...but here it is

About the time Brown was scheduled to be singing "Forever" onstage at Los Angeles' Staples Center, he was instead detained by police, being questioned for allegedly roughing up Rihanna.
Brown, 19, turned himself in at the Wilshire station around 6:30 p.m. and was booked on suspicion of making criminal threats. The case will now be sent to the district attorney's office and further charges could be filed. He was released from jail after posting $50,000 bail.

Sources tell E! News that the alleged victim was Rihanna, 20, and that she suffered visible bruises on her face during an altercation that took place hours earlier. Both in turn balked on scheduled Grammy performances.
A spokeswoman for Brown's label declined comment. Rihanna's publicist, Amanda Silverman, would only tell E! News that the 20-year-old "Disturbia" singer was involved in an unspecified traffic mishap. "Rihanna is well," the rep said. "Thank you for concern and support."
Per department policy, police declined to identify the alleged victim in the incident, which occurred about 12:30 a.m. in the Hancock Park area, apparently as the two were heading home from Clive Davis' annual pre-Grammy bash, where they had been all smiles.
In a statement, police say Brown and his companion "became involved in an argument. After stopping his car, Brown and the woman got out and the argument escalated. The woman suffered visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker."
By the time officers arrived on the scene, Brown had split.

DAMNN this story is all kinds of fucked up. well see where this one goes...

Chris Brown? he does not look like a wifebeater.

who sings with elmo AND beats the shit out of his girlfriend?! =( 
elmo would not approve.

grammy swagger

random thoughts i am writing down while watching the grammys

-- M.I.A is awesome for wearing sneakers with her big ass dress

-- jennifer hudson is absolutely amazing

-- why is stevie wonder and the jonas brother performing together? random

-- blink 182 is gonna come back....stoked.

-- katy perry is very hot

-- kanye west & estelle were hot didn't they have like the same exact performance at the AMAs?

-- i can't wait for swagger like us

--...that was awesome.

-- justin timberlake and T.I are always great together...dead and gone....aaammmaaaazzziiinnnggg performance

--jamie foxx is the most talented person EVER

--why is neil diamond performing sweet caroline ? this just reminds me of shea stadium lol.

-- i'm loving lil wayne's performance dedicated to new orleans

-- pretty predictable that lil wayne won best rap album.

-- i have never heard of these people who won best record of the year/ best album?

i'll post up all the videos tomorrow !!!!

sunday mornings

sunday mornings used to be my favorite. i feel like they are so relaxing and just something about sundays i love ....

until i started working them.

hopefully you get to stay home and relax =)

heres one of those sunday morning kind of songs...

Good Morning - John Legend


i think im in love with my radio...cause it never lets me down.

can YOU imagine being in love with the eiffel tower?

can YOU make love to the golden gate bridge?

another topic that has nothing to do with my blog, but I HAVE to post this. This is one of the most interesting documentaries I have seen BY FAR.

I know it sounds crazy, what the hell am I talking about? There are actually people out in the world that are have relationships with OBJECTS. I know, BUGG OUTT!!! It's true. One of the women featured in this blog actually got MARRIED to the eiffel tower, and has a huge ass tatt of the eiffel tower on her chest.

One of the other women ( who looks like a fat dude ) is in love with this amusement ride in germany. One part in the documentary actually shows one of the women MAKING LOVE with the eiffel tower. If you watch the documentary, it is obvious and stated that these people have had a lot of trauma, especially in childhood.

I HIGHLY SUGGEST you watch this documentary, especially if you a documentary feen like i am, or if you just like weird shit. I watched this a few days ago and I cannot comprehend this in my head. I am very understanding and usually can put myself partly into someone's shoes...but this is on a level that i cannot get on.

watch the documentary HERE


hello kitty and MAC

this has not a lot to do with my blog, but MAC is coming out with a Hello Kitty collection next week, which is sooo hyped up right now, i'll post pictures from my store's Hello Kitty event next weekend....but for now heres a picture of the star studded MAC Hello Kitty event that took place last night in the NYC...

James Granger (Creative Director for MAC), Ciara, and John Dempsey (President of MAC)


Katie Couric & Lil Wayne full interview

I could not wait to see this...

I could go on and on talking about Lil Wayne but...

He definitely is one of the most unique people I have seen in my lifetime...and I understand he is an artist and he needs to express himself and after selling 3 million records I understand why he is trying new things and new sounds and such...but if "Prom Queen" is REALLY one of the tracks on his new album The Rebirth...I'm scared/curious to see what the whole album is going to be like =/.

I <3 pharrell, pharrelll.....

Nylon Magazine is a very good magazine, i used to get it all the time when I used to go to school in NYC...very interesting celebrities, great interviews, and they always just have cool shit....

Pharrell is one of my, if not FAVORITE celebrities. he has ASTRONOMICAL impact on the music industry, has been in the industry for a long time now, has one of the greatest minds EVER...but he is still soo down to earth and normal.

i was never that much into Pharrell as a person until saw N.E.R.D in person. he is a great performer gives it 200%, soo interactive with the crowd, and ever since i went to that concert i have been HOOKED on Pharrell Williams.

You should be too.

don't hate me...

i'm sorry i haven't updated, i promise to update with something nice and juiiiicyy today =)

for now, heres two songs i've been listening to alot...

RoboCop - Kanye West

Go Baby - Lupe Fiasco



via Miss Info...

this is REALLY different and not like anything i've heard from cam before, buttt....yeah.

at least its not weezy!
i dont know!
random ass shit!
heres the video!


i laughed out loud at this song.
does he need better drugs?




lets start this off with the weezy f baby and pharrell....

i LOVE pharrell i can't say it enough, hes sounding different on this track in a good way 

and also, this is random, but i didn't know that pharrell was actually the robot in the UMC video! so flyyy

Lil Wayne ft Pharrell- Ay Man

another great duo...rihanna and the dream. i love this song, has kind of an old school vibe

Rihanna ft The Dream - Hatin on the club

Lil Wayne- Hello World

I love me some Ryan Leslie...

Ryan Leslie- Gibberish

Jim Jones- Turn my swag on
yeeeeeeeesssss lol

phelps in the hot seat

people need to FALL BACK.
i heard about this story last night, but when I walked in the store and saw this on the front page of all the newspapers .. just ugh. 
so what if michael phelps smoked some weed back in the day??! i understand he has young fans but honestly, our PRESIDENT used to smoke weed and do blow. 
why don't we take this energy and put it into the economy ?!


as most of you know, there is ongoing beef with rick ross & 50 cent....

but today, 50 got dirtyyyyy and interviewed RICK ROSS'S BABY MAMA

ahahhhahahahahaha i usually don't care too much for all this drama bullshit, but i can't wait to see what happens next...

i am not a great fan of 50 cent, but he is not someone to beeef with.

i'm sure 50 cent's baby mama would not mind taking a jab at him....

old schoool

i have nothing really to say...for the moment...

so heres some old old goodness better than most tracks on the radio right now lol

de la soul ft tribe called quest- buddy

i'll do some goodness new music mondays lately! good songs i have to share ...