hey hey dont hate on me my tank on full your tank on e...look good on you look good on me.


in case you live under a rock you know that john mccain chose a woman (alaskan governer) to be his VP.

im gonna throw up...
if he wins the election im moving to france...



im so stylish, so bossy, it'd be a shame to say you lost me....

hmmm day 4 of being in LG...indeedd. :)

so a few days ago the video for OFFICIAL GIRL (cassie feat lil wayne) came out. im not sure how i feel about this song...cassie needs to get her energy up! shes so .... eh. you know lil wayne was doing someone a favor by being on this song, no? and i feel like she always wears the same ish.

and this video is so typical...hot girl driving a car...having some lame dance routine...yes i am being a hater right now. sowwwwie.

enjoy the last days of summmer !


all i have to say is....GOOD MORNIN.

good morning mr and misses!

i have a routine of jogging and then going on the internet up here in the boonies. and i came across this today....

yes its confirmed. kanye west IS my FAVORITE artist. after listening to him like its my job this vacation and then coming across THIS and champion a few weeks ago, hes amazing.

not only did he change hip-hop history with everything he does, he changed HISTORY. do you people realize how SICK this individual is? every single song he has i love, his verses are always genius. his style is amazing, him teaming up with louis vuttion is a BIG deal. BIG DEAL. ahhh. george bush doesnt care about black people!

do you realize how amazing of a producer he is? did you HEAR jockin jay-z?

ahh excuse my feen-ness right now, but he deserves it!

anywayzzzz...i did something so awesome yesterday! illl write all about this trip when i come back...for now ill just have my fun :]

happy wednesdayyy


time passed we back in philly and now she up in my spot telling me the things im telling her is making her hot started building with her constantly...

good morning ! i am posting from upstate....i thought there was going to be no internet up here like usual but i guess they realized its 2008 and decided to put in wi-fi =X.

it is sooo beautiful up here in lake george...the lake is so blue, the trees are so green...if that makes any sense. everything is so simple, cars drive slow, everyone says hello, you know the deal. i love being up here...ive been coming up here since i was in the womb, so there are soo many memories here. i feel like a kid again =D.

so my ipod has been my best friend up here...ive been feening on college dropout so much (random?) and the roots, and lauryn hill. when will she come back? i have a feeling she will, and when she does it will be big.

and ESTELLE. ahh i love estelle. shes great.

also im doing some reading for the first time in forever...twilight by stephanie meyer. its all over the place, its a nytimes best seller, and amazon named it one of the best books of this century so far. its living up to its hype, so far. lol. im a NERD.

news wise, dr dre's son died! 20 years old! soo young...R.I.P

besides that im not so sure...im trying to stay away from thangs like the news...im on vacation..i shouldnt even be on here.


heres a song that has been on repeat on my pod....the video is really good...one of my favorite songs...enjoy and take it in :)
they wont let me embed this video LAMEE

----> just click....... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwjfonAdlMU

p.s ..... my 13 year old little brother didnt know who NAS was..ahhhhhh. >_<


hi beautifuls<3
im really leaving now...ill be back soon!!
for now ill leave you with a verse thats been in my mind...
^^--yes im a loser and take pictures of me getting ready...i love how rollers look lol

ill never be picture perfect beyonce
be light as al b or black as chauncey
remember him from blackstreet
he was as black as the street was
ill never be laid back as this beat was
i never see why people'll reach a 
fake-ass facade they couldnt keep up
see how i creeped up?
see how i played a big role in chicago like queen latifah?
i never rock a mink coat in the winter time like killa cam
or rock some mink boots in the summertime like will.i.am
let me know if you feel it man
cause everything im not, made me everything i am.


mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the flyest one of all? - sleeping beauty? ice cube? family movies? huh?


i heard ice cube's song for the first time, i know its been out for a minute but yeah....

i guess hes taking a break from family comedies and trying to get back to his N.W.A roots. hahahaha. 

im sorry, but i cant take him seriously. can anybody? i really cant hate on him though.

she told me that the radios been playing the same song all day long...

aw to hell with it...

this can actually be my last post. i was running around today doing errands like a crazy lady and i have been in my car listening to ish on the radio and two things...

1. now i know what that girl was talking about who told chrisette michele that the radio has been playing the same song all day long....

the radio SUCKS during the day. now i know every word to some stupid ass mario song and just in case i forgot the words to a milli....they reminded me. thanks!

so i was listening to KROCK today and they said aerosmith's cd sales has gone up 20 percent lately...probaly because of the new guitar hero out....i think that is interesting because the younger generation is obviously finding out about "classic" rock through video games...who cares i think its awesome !

but as soon as rush hour comes along the radio is so much better...it reminded me to talk about my new jam that i play out so badly....

slim from 112 is coming back with "so fly"...i liked the original version when it came out which had yung joc on it but the remix.....ahhhhh. I LOVE FREEWAY. and jadakiss. but the world needs more freeway.

please listen, im doing your ass a favor.

ll cool j stayss on those remixes...first alicia now mariah....hes backkkk :) SOOO much love.

btw ^^ chrisette michele is someone who you should have on your itunes. she has a beautiful voice, beautiful songs, and plus shes from long island ( central islip ). so good !

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmZSLpBCmo0 <---- this is old but i never get tired of it if you want to hear her. 


sorry for such a long post i love sharing the news with the good people :). i believe in sharing good information!

P.S ------- I AM SO PUMPEDD FOR.........fashion week ! i cant wait untill i get to be backstage beating them models facesss! (beat means do makeup) .


where does the good go?

yes this is my THIRD post today....

bad news bears is coming to get cha....

im going to dead my blog for a while....i really want to keep it going but
i got some personal ish going on and i cant really commit to this kind of thang
and make it as awesome as i would want it to be....but dont worry, one day
i will return and come back stronger and better as ever ! =]

i want to have two blogs in the future....one about fashion and makeup artistry and one about music. and not all about hip hop and r&b...im falling in love with indie & folk & rock & emo & screamo AGAIN. its a relationship that comes and goes. same with hip hop. fuck i love everything what am i talking about.

for now, look at the links that are my jam, they are my jam.

hahaha you love my cheesy-nessss ;) so long sweet summer, so long peoples of the internet.

hey girl, its so sad that we cant even talk no more....hey girl, im so sad today....

the song i just put up on my playlist--> is my fucking jam.

listen, we cant talk no more love
cause you never really understood love
my heart was open...but you stepped right on it
he never really saw that i was out for being number one
how long have i known you?
we kept in touch through college
never the type to give you brain, im giving you knowledge....

^^estelle's verse is siiiicklly on this song! her and john legend are amazing together on songs. 


not much is going on...except

the saxophone player from DMB (Dave Matthews Band) died :(. ahh. that makes me so sad, dmb is a great group...they're still continuing on with their tour. RIP LeRoi Moore.

on a happier note...

i LOVEE watching chris brown perform. hes amazing ! every time i see his 2007 vma performance i get so happy :). it doesnt hurt that hes nice to look at. the vmas will be coming to a tv screen near you sunday september

^^ here it is for your convience peoples.

im so happy im promoted, its awesome, alot more work than before but its good, alot of event planning and creativity...right up my alley =D.

p.s....the dream sounds like jigglypuff in "please excuse my hands"...am i just weird or is it the truth?


bonified hustler making my name...

its beautiful out....i love it :).

so i was yanno just driving in my rollerskate listening to the good-ness of hot 97 and i heard the paper planes remix w/ jim jones...i like it.

and ive heard the lil wayne remix....ehh. i dont know i wish he would actually do a fresh verse for this song...its worth it!

speaking of M.I.A...im going to be M.I.A next week...vacation...ballllllin ;) i dont believe in feening on my computer during vacation.

and then this song i fucking LOVE....yeah i do.


i HEART solange

who has ever seen
kayne west without his shirt on?

not a lot of people i feel like
<--but here he is ...
not bad, not bad :]
he kind of looks like hes a older man from the 80s though
with that haircut and sweatpants haha.

i feel like talking about SOLANGE aka beyonce's sister.

i love her so much, i think she is so fresh and really found her own thang instead of trying to be like beyonce. and she is not the ugly sister! people are such haters.  

this is solange's new video "sandcastle disco"...its cute and i like this song


its britney bitchh!

hope your sunday was good people !! its a full moon out !

can i just talk about how BEAUTIFUL and OLD SCHOOL britney spears looks in the new commericals for the VMAs? i hope she does a kick ass performance. as cracked out as she was she was a sick performer back in the day

so beyonce has been coming out with some songs lately...i love them. 
forever to bleed -- this song she belts it out like no other
next ex or its called (kick him out) -- bringing the "to the left" back lol
postcard -- a cute song..sounds like a classic beyonce song 

dont stop baby, dont stop me, i like the way that you move, girl you know how i do ;)

LOL fonzworth bentley is a character
ill post later on today but for now heres

fonzworth bentley on rap city...

todays SUNDAY which means that...im going to post a old school video..

jay z- h to the izzo


i feel better.

okay i feel much better. this is my first blog on blogger!
so much better.

sorry i have been so not on it lately, this week was beastly at work but ....
1. i got a promotion yesterday =D! and 2.  i got to go home early on a saturday =D

dmx is such a mess! he got arrested AGAIN for not showing up to court in a wal-mart parking lot LOL..lowest point in life, much? i guess the party up in here days are over...womp womp. 

why did i hear an radio advertisement for nassau county for vacation and travel on z100?! who wants to go to NASSAU county for vacation, maybe suffolk aka the hamptons and montauk. ehh.

i really dont like day 26 i feel like they're gay and im not a big fan of reality show bands, something about it makes it weird. but i do love this song its soo catchy....

for some reason im really into making playlists for different things, and im going to list some of 
my favorite songs that put me in a goooood mood....
and ill link 'um :) and most of them have good videos
1. maroon 5- sunday mornings
2. daft punk- one more time
3. the dream ft. rihanna- livin a lie
4. amy winehouse- tears dry on their own
5. the beatles- hello goodbye

i cant wait for
gym class heroes- sept 9
neyo- sept 16