let me be your supernova..before you make the biggest mistake of your life..

mr hudson ft kanye west- supernova

i've been listening to this song for a while. i love mr hudson! this video is some nice visual art with a little cameo from miss estelle

ch check it out


D.O.A video

Jay-Z-Death of Autotune

i am already sick of this song...i appreciate it but it's definitely not something i'm playing on repeat.



wow...500 posts! what the hell have i been blogging about lol....i love delivering the news to the peoples, i don't blog as much as i used to but ladyD is going nowheres.

anyways...so i got tickets to virgin freefest...fo free! a lot of people are having trouble getting them now, they deff aren't free anymore...sowwie.

anyways anyways anyways...exciting videos that definitely are just as epic as my 501st post.

heres an album "preview" to LUPE's "The L.A.S.E.R Manifesto"...i am anticipating this album soo much, i haven't been keeping up with lupe as much as i would like to and i dont even know what L.A.S.E.R stands for so if someone could fill me in that'd be muy bueno

and here's ANOTHER album preview for KID CUDI and his album "Man On The Moon: The End Of The Day"....i cannot WAIT to see Kid CuDi's album out in stores, and i most DEFINITELY CANT WAIT TO HEAR THIS!!

so exciting kids!


LOL :)

alright alright don't judge me...

i like this song.

at least i'm admitting it! i used to hate trey songz...but ever since he's linked up with drake i feel like he has greatly improved...

so silly
trey songz ft soulja boy & gucci mane- LOL smiley face

but no really, this song is SOOO good

trey songz ft drake- invented sex


if you live under a rock...

so breezy got a pretty good deal for his circumstances..
-5 years probation
-180 days of labor service
-1 year of attending a domestic abuse program

but here's the part that is not gonna happen
-chris brown is ordered to have no contact with rihanna (and rihanna is ordered to not contact him) for the duration of his probation...5 years. that's not going to happen LOL

well the world continues to turn...

pardon me i must say, IM KINDA LIKE A BIG DEAL

this video makes this song come to life

clipse ft kanye west- kinda like a big deal


THAT'S how you let the beat build!

wow this is the sickest thing i've seen in a WHILE...what RAW talent!

they filmed this all in one shot, with the audio recording at the same time as the film

this is such a mindfuck! wwoooooooww


new clipse & pharrell

i like this track...i think pharrell makes it though...i can see this on the radio. its nothing that is making me smile...but it's good. supposedly this is the official single off of their upcoming album that is to be released this fall...

GaGa y Ye

i kind of left at a good time during hip-hop (well actually i could have left anytime this year and it would have been a good time...) cause news is DEAD. something needs to happen!

but the one thing that really got me excited that i heard while i was overseas is that...

kanye west & lady gaga, on tour, TOGETHER!
not only are they going on tour together, they are PERFORMING together! woooww...can you handle it?!

this is definitely one of those things i would drop $$$ for...its history, legendary!

kanye recently posted this on his blog, its Lady GaGa performing a cover of heartless and she talks a little bit about the tour at the end.

take a train to rome or home, brazil, for real...

helloo new york! i had an amazing time in europe, the most amazingly time ever...it was my first time overseas and i was so lucky and blessed to have this opportunity to take this awesome trip, i really worked hard for it.

this trip just ignited my hunger to travel...hopefully i'll get to go somewhere just as interesting as amsterdam, berlin, prague and rome....i really wanna go to coachella next year though! we shall see...

i've been so sick and jet lagged but it was so so worth it...and wow the weather sucks over here! wtf is going on?.....take me back :).


ciao betches

i'm going to be taking a little break, since i am going to europe for a little while...so pumped.

i'll be back soon!




soooo FRESH !

"i made this just for flex,
and mr cee i want people to feel threatened..."

"i'm a multi-millionare, so how is it i'm still the hardest n*gga here?"

jay-z is putting hip-hop in its place!

jay-z- death of autotune


so about that GLC comment I just made...

actually....I just found this hahaha which was released recently...

I don't have a problem with this song...I think.

listen for yourself!


this mixtape is no joke...

DJ AM & Travis Barker released FIX YOUR FACE VOL.2 recently, which is their set from Coachella this year.

Lately I've been a little bit down when it comes to music especially hip-hop, I feel like its going through a slump, and I've been listening to different genres to switch it up. Also if you kids remember this is around the time last year when The Carter III was released...I was kind of hoping for the same musical excitement to happen lol, the kind where I am playing these tracks none stop. And then THIS happened. This mixtape is amazing, it takes you on a journey through every genre of music and Travis is obviously soo sick with the drums. I give this mixtape a YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS, I've been playing this for EVERYBODY.

If you download it from DJ AM/Travis' site...you can dl it in exchange for one tweet...but here's another link that should work.

eyes all sticky like honey on bees..

Wale ft Lady Gaga- Chillin

I've definitely been playing this song and it's definitely a good first single for Wale...but it makes me think...if Lady Gaga wasn't on this track would it be on the radio like it has been? I don't know if Wale is a strong enough artist to carry on a successful debut album. I mean I do like him especially on that Kid Cudi song "Look up at the stars" but I just don't know. Hopefully he will prove me wrong :).


Kanye West ft GLC & Consequence - Spaceship

finally they released this video! i've seen snippets and such and i really don't understand why they didn't release this video. lets think about what videos kanye released with college dropout...ok workout plan?! this video is so so much better.
i love when the lights in the store turn into the spaceship haha.

and i don't understand what goes on with GLC. he's really the only artist on g.o.o.d music who hasn't really released a single or anything. hmmmm.....