ugh every new kid cudi snippet/song is CRACK! i can't deal with kid cudi, i really can't.. he's bringing hip hop to a new level!!!! i don't know about you guys but for me this is the most anticipated album of the year HANDS DOWN

kid cudi- cudi zone


sooo iiilll!

so i'm going to some really freakin good ass mofoin shows this month..which include
-DJ AM @ atlantic city
-Virgin Freefest w Blink 182, Weezer, Girl Talk, The Bravery, TBS, Wale, etc in maryland
-N.E.R.D & Asher Roth @ Governer's Island

epic ish!

so to celebrate, i'll be posting some random videos
starting with this one...

UNFORTUNATELY i will not see these two geniuses TOGETHER, but i will be seeing them at diff times...

so here they are, DJ AM and Travis Barker jamming it out



jamie foxx ft the dream, kanye & drake- digital girl

for such a star studded song...this videos kind of corny. but the video version of this song is muy bueno.

jay-z ft rihanna & kanye west- run this town

another let down. i hate to be all negative but DAMN. this is jay-z's single off the blueprint 3 ? what is this commerical corny bullshit? this song is not epic in any sort of way...what a LETDOWN.

where are the epic moments in hip hop recently ? they aren't coming from jay-z. i can appreciate D.O.A and i can take Run This Town for what it is, but Jay-Z isn't living up to his standards...think about it...

on that note i leave you with this

jay-z- 99 problems


..and IM BACK

i'm sorry i went M.I.A for a minute...

i'm having way too much fun this summer, but i can't forget about the people!

lets get it in...

r kelly ft keri hilson- number one

for r kelly being such a creeper i've definitely had this song bumpinnn in my rollerskate. and i love keri hilson, she has an edge to her that makes her way different than any other female r&b/pop singer out there...shes definitely not going anywhere.


do i love me some pharrell pha realll

clipse ft pharrell- i'm good

i love this song, but i could just watch this video on mute for pharrell <3


this is not my best, this is not my best...

i have love for drake, but it is SO easy to make fun of him

i love alphacat, hes the guy who does the obama spoofs
and here he is spoofing on drake....HILARIOUS

mr solo dolo

kid cudi is on the cover of COMPLEX for august/september issue and it looks sickkk!
kid cudi is offically my new favorite. do i even need to explain?