no words. flava flav's new video



ahahaha i want a thuggie.


good morning

this is the official weekend of rise and grind. 4 finals in two days, and working during the holidays ain't no pinic either. at least people are in the *holiday spirit*

whatever you are doing this weekend, studying, shopping, relaxing, have a good one :D

heres a throwback for ya

hahahahaahahh this song used to be the SHITTT.



this looks bad ass.

robin hood is a great story.

coming march 2010


some trippy shit

remember that post i did about major lazer? yeah we'll i didn't post this video and it has seriously been haunting me and my friend for days now.....

i seriously don't get the point of this video. someone PLEASE tell me...

major lazer ft nina sky & ricky blaze- keep it going louder


the same guy who directed the video above, directed a video for MGMT, who i love...

MGMT- the youth

reminds me of debbie's glamour shots in napolean dynamite or somethang.

ga ga oh la la

MAC released the campaign for Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper as the new spokespeople for the MAC AIDS Fund....ooooooh la la. Past spokespeople include Dita Von Teese, Lil Kim, Mary J Blige, Elton John, Pamela Anderson..and so on. Cyndi Lauper looks kind of fabulous no? Both of them do.

Cant' wait until this comes out next march!


music mondays!

yeahyeahyeah mondays are painful...especially with finals right around the way....but they are a little bit easier to get through with music mondays :)

let me introduce what i have been listening to ever since i downloaded this goodnes....

a cool stick!

this up and coming band is out of baltimore...and it's definitely a FRESH new sound. it's hip-hop minus the same beats you hear on the radio, instead adding in some more instruments..sort of like the roots and asher roth had a baby.

anywhoo...they're EP is available to download FO FREE....and of course you can get it HHERRREEEEE. what's better than good, free music?

happy holidays peoples!


major lazer

so nylon magazine is being generous for the holidays and hooking err body up with 27 songs (their favs for the year)


^ happy holidays.

anyways so i downloaded it and it is definitely for someone who likes indie music, which isn't me but i happened to dig up a few good songs out of the 27.

major lazer.

major lazer ft santigold- hold the line

i saw this video somewhere not too long ago and the first thing that came to my head was (WTF?) but then i was like (!!!) this song is catchy, and anything with my lady santigold in it i automatically like.

this happened to be on the nylon playlist which made me more curious to find out who major lazer was...

Major Lazer is a fictional animated character,[1] who (according to press releases) fought as a Jamaican commando and lost his arm in a secret zombie war in 1984.[2] He fights vampires and various monsters, parties hard, and has a rocket-powered hoverboard.

????????????????? so interesting.

all his videos are so freaking tripppy. these songs are definitely up my alley though. WHAT DO U THINK?


it's funny how someone else's success brings pain..

damn drake is all up in every video! good for him, i can't can't wait for this album to drop!!!!! drake is a refreshing fella

timbaland ft drake- say somethin

LOL on that freeze of timbaland


obviously you can tell by my home page this is one of my favorite songs of 09' HANDS DOWN!

love this shit so much the video is iiiilllll

drake and cudi you can spray me with some champagne any day.


call me mr flinstone i can make your bed rock !

ugh ladies and peeps i know i know this is horribly slacking...

this deserves a post though, young money is definitely the bad boy right now!!

nicki minaj weirds me out with those theatrics though

young money- bed rock


sex therapy

this is a sexysexysexysexy song, its a song made for sex.

the video is nice but it looks like hes wearing mascara or eyeliner or something

robin thicke- sex therapy



beyonce ft lady gaga- video phone (remix)

this video is mindblowingly SEXYYYYYY ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
beyonce is some other animal she cant be human


and just because

omarion ft gucci mane - i get it in

gucci mane is ugly as fuck and scares the living shit out of me.

BTW...wale's album attention deficit came out today...go get it! support good music people

gucci mane is ugly as fuck.

caught in a bad romance..

ugh i just don't know. do i like her? do i hate her? that is the question

but i sure do know i like this video

lady gaga- bad romance


oh riri what are we gonna do with you

honestly, i am going to be controversial and say rihanna just basically threw chris brown under the bus. i of course do not condone domestic violence or any violence for that matter.

i have heard on the down low that rihanna was the crazy bitch who was abusing chris brown and asking for this to happen, even though no matter what two wrongs don't make a right.

but at the same she kind of has to play the victim, PR wise...

i think their publicists are having conflicts. she tells the whole story while he refuses to..

part 1

part 2


when i get you to the crib...upstairs to the bed...

ooooooohhhhh myyyyy gooooodddddd

i have no words for this video. WATCH IT.
i want trey songz.



download weezy's newest mixtape here...



no one can fuck you better..


jay z ft foxy brown- ain't no nigga

the city never sleeps better slip you an ambien

not much to say here, everyone and their grandmother (literally) likes this song.
predictable video, but good.

what i wanna know is when did they shoot this video! i would have gone to the city and gotten lil mama up in their ishh

jay z ft alicia keys- empire state of mind


i can transform yaa

this song is strange.

i played this in my store and when it came on people looked scared at first cause they didn't know what transformer sound was...just chris breezy ladies, nothing to be scared of...

chris brown ft swizz beatz & lil wayne-transform ya


songs im feeling

these songs aren't necessarily the newest songs out, its just songs i have been listening to...

.....what a cover.


i can't go any further than this...

black eyed peas- meet me halfway

this video is a little weiirrdd but i love this song so much so i give it a YES



this shit is sooo freakingg dope!!!

the visuals just make it insanely great.

if you are a fan of KANYE, or a fan of SAMPLING, or like to BREATHE...then you need to watch this video NOW.

nuff said.

what happened to this lil lady?

what ever happened to tiffany evans?

she killed, KILLED halo!

does anyone remember pROMISE RING? that songs makes me feel like im in highschool again...i love!


funny? i think not..

hmm check out this "talent" show in australia where these white guys with painted black faces call themselves the "jackson jive"....

i don't think this is funny at all and they were definitely making bafoons out of the jackson 5! i respect every country has their own humor and culture but damn...

harry connick jr definitely did the right thing and he was probably a lot more pissed off than he seemed.


wow i did not know obama did auto-tune!

ugh i can't with this video lolololololololololololololol


i was so AMPED for the "fame kills" tour, starring kanye west & lady gaga..

i bought tickets for it the day it got canceled! such a weird timing since there has been talk of this tour for so long AND the presale started a week earlier, no?

which could lead to the speculation that the tour was canceled due to sucky ticket sales, which some news sources are saying...but for two superstars to produce such horrible ticket sales where they would CANCEL it even before ticket sales weren't available to the general public? rare.

^^^^^lady gaga said to billboard magazine it was a mutual agreement, and she will be going on tour in the same city's around the same time she was supposed to be on tour with kanye. and also she gives 50 a piece of mind in response to calling the fame kill's tour "the gay tour". 50 knows better than that!

only time will tell, but i AM glad for kanye to have some time off after that whole fiasco.


new musickk

can't ever go wrong with the roots..such real music.

the roots- how i got over

this song has been circulating the internet...

i don't know what i think of this. the beat is already starting to annoying me

i can transform ya - chris brown ft lil wayne & swizz beatz

things you should know...

mmm good morning beautiful people...

it's important to inform yourself and be confident in the decisions you make, ESPECIALLY when it comes to things going on in this country!

the swine flu vaccine is now being REQUIRED for children 6 months and older in New Jersey! i think this is ridiculous and something that the government should NOT be involved in..especially when flu vaccines are a bit controversial.

personally, i have never received any sort of flu shot in my life, and i fortunately have never got the flu.

my friend posted a vlog about the swine flu vaccine, and makes some good points. it's important to RESEARCH.


with that kind of ass i might spazz like NERD...

i give this song a THUMBS UP. and the video is dope to go with it!

it's not anything groundbreaking, but i think this goes with the song perfectly. at the end of the day a music video is visual stimulation for a song, bringing it to life..which was achieved in this video.

great styling..i love the long ponytails

consequence (ft john legend & kanye west)- whatever you want


ok i'm back!!!!
i'm really committed this time baby i swear i am ! lady danger is BACK and better than before ! PLEASE BELIEVE

...lets get into it.

what really happened when i was gone anyway? kanye shitted on taylor swift's life, lil mama tried to shit on jay-z's life....and CUDI released his new album! along with the bp3 wahwahwahhh....


Playaz Circle - Flight 360: The Takeoff .... don't care.

Mariah Carey - Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel .... i do care, im a sucker for her corny ass.

GhostFace Killah - The Wizard Of Poetry: The Emerald City ... kind of care.

Marques Houston - Mr. Houston ... who? jk, don't care really.


this is where mario winans went!

when i saw mario winans name next to deutsch hip hop...i just had to click on this

and if you don't know who mario winans is...i'm getting old

what the fuck is up with the sketchy shit that goes on with bad boy records?

mario winans- i don't wanna know



i put kid cudi over ANYBODY !
look at my husband smoking with high times magazine for their 35th !



ugh every new kid cudi snippet/song is CRACK! i can't deal with kid cudi, i really can't.. he's bringing hip hop to a new level!!!! i don't know about you guys but for me this is the most anticipated album of the year HANDS DOWN

kid cudi- cudi zone


sooo iiilll!

so i'm going to some really freakin good ass mofoin shows this month..which include
-DJ AM @ atlantic city
-Virgin Freefest w Blink 182, Weezer, Girl Talk, The Bravery, TBS, Wale, etc in maryland
-N.E.R.D & Asher Roth @ Governer's Island

epic ish!

so to celebrate, i'll be posting some random videos
starting with this one...

UNFORTUNATELY i will not see these two geniuses TOGETHER, but i will be seeing them at diff times...

so here they are, DJ AM and Travis Barker jamming it out



jamie foxx ft the dream, kanye & drake- digital girl

for such a star studded song...this videos kind of corny. but the video version of this song is muy bueno.

jay-z ft rihanna & kanye west- run this town

another let down. i hate to be all negative but DAMN. this is jay-z's single off the blueprint 3 ? what is this commerical corny bullshit? this song is not epic in any sort of way...what a LETDOWN.

where are the epic moments in hip hop recently ? they aren't coming from jay-z. i can appreciate D.O.A and i can take Run This Town for what it is, but Jay-Z isn't living up to his standards...think about it...

on that note i leave you with this

jay-z- 99 problems


..and IM BACK

i'm sorry i went M.I.A for a minute...

i'm having way too much fun this summer, but i can't forget about the people!

lets get it in...

r kelly ft keri hilson- number one

for r kelly being such a creeper i've definitely had this song bumpinnn in my rollerskate. and i love keri hilson, she has an edge to her that makes her way different than any other female r&b/pop singer out there...shes definitely not going anywhere.


do i love me some pharrell pha realll

clipse ft pharrell- i'm good

i love this song, but i could just watch this video on mute for pharrell <3


this is not my best, this is not my best...

i have love for drake, but it is SO easy to make fun of him

i love alphacat, hes the guy who does the obama spoofs
and here he is spoofing on drake....HILARIOUS

mr solo dolo

kid cudi is on the cover of COMPLEX for august/september issue and it looks sickkk!
kid cudi is offically my new favorite. do i even need to explain?


i like a girl thats thick in the waist yanno, the type of girl that'll finish ya plate...

i'm about a month late on this video but i cannot get enough of this song...

method man & red man - miss international



rick ross- boss lady

what the hell goes on in this video? i actually like this song...but this video killed it! no offense but i don't want to see your fat ass shopping and on vacation rick ross.

on a more positive note...

fabolous drops his album loso's way today so throw that in the bagg =)

fabolous ft keri hilson- everything, everyday, everywhere



kanye teamed up with fuse to present a live performance straight from chicago for his kanye west foundation...i knew i was gonna miss it but thank god for the internet (and lady danger) cause you can watch the whole thing right up there ^^^^^ it's a little off with the audio and video, sowwie



watch drake's freestyle w funkmaster flex first and then...

watch this guy's spoof on his freestyle...I CANT DEAL HAHAHA

i need some bananas, some apricot..

what just happened?

what a TRIP this video is

i couldn't even focus on the song!

n.a.s.a ft spank rock, MIA, santogold and nick zinner- whatchadoin?


chris brown apologizes

so chris brown finally apologized to the public for his actions...honestly i love chris brown and i think he is just a young boy who is under a lot of pressure...nobody knows what chris brown and rihanna's relationship was like except for them, chris brown deserves a second chance for sure.

but WTF is he wearing?!


oh vida

vida guerra- like that

i just had to watch this because its vida guerra even though shes pretty amazing, i could not predict this as anything but bad.

and i was right!

i could make a better song. i think she should just get by with her looks, sorry =/


katt williams

oh how do i love katt williams.

heres a 1:30 clip to make your day =D



drake is on fiyaaa...

this track is mmazing! this is on his newest mixtape, which i just posted

drake- the winner


Heartbreak Drake Pt 2

another mixtape from mr.drake...i already have most of these songs, soo good.
i CANNOT wait for drake & kid cudi's debut albums...big big thangs.

download Heartbreak Drake pt 2 HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE

01. Signs Intro
02. Do It Now
03. Juice (Produced by Boi 1nda)
04. The Winner (produced by Tha Bizness)
05. Slow It Down
06. Something
07. Stunt On You
08. Belly
09. The One (Feat. Mary J. Blige)
10. Digital Girl (Remix) (Feat. Jamie Foxx, Kanye West & The-Dream)
11. Invented Sex (Feat. Trey Songz)
12. Successful (Feat. Trey Songz)
13. Unstoppable (Feat. Lil Wayne & Santogold)
14. Im Going In (Feat. Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy)
15. Take You Down
16. Best I Ever Had (Feat. Ma$e)
17. Thank Me Later Outro

sasha fierce is put out.

this is one of my favorite's from beyonce's latest album but honestly lets be real...

how many videos can sasha fierce get away with, with her dancing with that tranny & girl? it's getting so old and i'm starting to feel like beyonce has such a big egoooo (but she loves her big ego lol) because her performances are just all about HER. no storyline, no nathang. don't get me wrong the imagery is cool in this video but enough is enough. STOP IT! tehe

beyonce- sweet dreams


beautiful people of the world

good morning...not much really as been going on in the news except diddy's white party ::yawn::...but i really do like this shoot christina millan and her fiance the dream did for vibe's final issue....they look hot.

i've been listening to soo much lauryn hill lately...THE TRUTHH

The Sweetest Thing - Refugee Camp All Stars feat. Lauryn Hill

enjoy this beautiful day : )


you are not the best

drake- best i ever had

i don't want to ruin this video for people who have not heard/seen about it yet...so watch it


let me be your supernova..before you make the biggest mistake of your life..

mr hudson ft kanye west- supernova

i've been listening to this song for a while. i love mr hudson! this video is some nice visual art with a little cameo from miss estelle

ch check it out


D.O.A video

Jay-Z-Death of Autotune

i am already sick of this song...i appreciate it but it's definitely not something i'm playing on repeat.



wow...500 posts! what the hell have i been blogging about lol....i love delivering the news to the peoples, i don't blog as much as i used to but ladyD is going nowheres.

anyways...so i got tickets to virgin freefest...fo free! a lot of people are having trouble getting them now, they deff aren't free anymore...sowwie.

anyways anyways anyways...exciting videos that definitely are just as epic as my 501st post.

heres an album "preview" to LUPE's "The L.A.S.E.R Manifesto"...i am anticipating this album soo much, i haven't been keeping up with lupe as much as i would like to and i dont even know what L.A.S.E.R stands for so if someone could fill me in that'd be muy bueno

and here's ANOTHER album preview for KID CUDI and his album "Man On The Moon: The End Of The Day"....i cannot WAIT to see Kid CuDi's album out in stores, and i most DEFINITELY CANT WAIT TO HEAR THIS!!

so exciting kids!


LOL :)

alright alright don't judge me...

i like this song.

at least i'm admitting it! i used to hate trey songz...but ever since he's linked up with drake i feel like he has greatly improved...

so silly
trey songz ft soulja boy & gucci mane- LOL smiley face

but no really, this song is SOOO good

trey songz ft drake- invented sex


if you live under a rock...

so breezy got a pretty good deal for his circumstances..
-5 years probation
-180 days of labor service
-1 year of attending a domestic abuse program

but here's the part that is not gonna happen
-chris brown is ordered to have no contact with rihanna (and rihanna is ordered to not contact him) for the duration of his probation...5 years. that's not going to happen LOL

well the world continues to turn...

pardon me i must say, IM KINDA LIKE A BIG DEAL

this video makes this song come to life

clipse ft kanye west- kinda like a big deal


THAT'S how you let the beat build!

wow this is the sickest thing i've seen in a WHILE...what RAW talent!

they filmed this all in one shot, with the audio recording at the same time as the film

this is such a mindfuck! wwoooooooww


new clipse & pharrell

i like this track...i think pharrell makes it though...i can see this on the radio. its nothing that is making me smile...but it's good. supposedly this is the official single off of their upcoming album that is to be released this fall...

GaGa y Ye

i kind of left at a good time during hip-hop (well actually i could have left anytime this year and it would have been a good time...) cause news is DEAD. something needs to happen!

but the one thing that really got me excited that i heard while i was overseas is that...

kanye west & lady gaga, on tour, TOGETHER!
not only are they going on tour together, they are PERFORMING together! woooww...can you handle it?!

this is definitely one of those things i would drop $$$ for...its history, legendary!

kanye recently posted this on his blog, its Lady GaGa performing a cover of heartless and she talks a little bit about the tour at the end.

take a train to rome or home, brazil, for real...

helloo new york! i had an amazing time in europe, the most amazingly time ever...it was my first time overseas and i was so lucky and blessed to have this opportunity to take this awesome trip, i really worked hard for it.

this trip just ignited my hunger to travel...hopefully i'll get to go somewhere just as interesting as amsterdam, berlin, prague and rome....i really wanna go to coachella next year though! we shall see...

i've been so sick and jet lagged but it was so so worth it...and wow the weather sucks over here! wtf is going on?.....take me back :).


ciao betches

i'm going to be taking a little break, since i am going to europe for a little while...so pumped.

i'll be back soon!




soooo FRESH !

"i made this just for flex,
and mr cee i want people to feel threatened..."

"i'm a multi-millionare, so how is it i'm still the hardest n*gga here?"

jay-z is putting hip-hop in its place!

jay-z- death of autotune


so about that GLC comment I just made...

actually....I just found this hahaha which was released recently...

I don't have a problem with this song...I think.

listen for yourself!


this mixtape is no joke...

DJ AM & Travis Barker released FIX YOUR FACE VOL.2 recently, which is their set from Coachella this year.

Lately I've been a little bit down when it comes to music especially hip-hop, I feel like its going through a slump, and I've been listening to different genres to switch it up. Also if you kids remember this is around the time last year when The Carter III was released...I was kind of hoping for the same musical excitement to happen lol, the kind where I am playing these tracks none stop. And then THIS happened. This mixtape is amazing, it takes you on a journey through every genre of music and Travis is obviously soo sick with the drums. I give this mixtape a YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS, I've been playing this for EVERYBODY.

If you download it from DJ AM/Travis' site...you can dl it in exchange for one tweet...but here's another link that should work.

eyes all sticky like honey on bees..

Wale ft Lady Gaga- Chillin

I've definitely been playing this song and it's definitely a good first single for Wale...but it makes me think...if Lady Gaga wasn't on this track would it be on the radio like it has been? I don't know if Wale is a strong enough artist to carry on a successful debut album. I mean I do like him especially on that Kid Cudi song "Look up at the stars" but I just don't know. Hopefully he will prove me wrong :).


Kanye West ft GLC & Consequence - Spaceship

finally they released this video! i've seen snippets and such and i really don't understand why they didn't release this video. lets think about what videos kanye released with college dropout...ok workout plan?! this video is so so much better.
i love when the lights in the store turn into the spaceship haha.

and i don't understand what goes on with GLC. he's really the only artist on g.o.o.d music who hasn't really released a single or anything. hmmmm.....


you're my rockstar in between the sets...eyeliner and cigarettes..

i never really loved Lady Gaga...but this video is just IIILLLL she really does have some raw talent, DEFINITELY one of the best pop videos i have seen!! everything is just perfect!

Lady Gaga- Paparazzi


some NEW goodness!!

these new music videos are coming out left and right and if you know me personally you know i am a music video FIEND and i could watch them all day.

which brings us into
both with the dream in them!


they don't know you like i do....

kanye west- paranoid

i know i posted the "bootleg" version of this video before, but heres the real thang

UGHHH DO I LOVE THIS SONG. this is one of the very few songs i have listened to for basically 6 straight months.

the way that i attack her she might need a bodyguard..


DJ Webstar ft Jim Jones & Juelz Santana- Dancing on me

this song is pOPPPPPPINNN they play it NON STOP in new york, i don't mind it aat alll =)


she gotta booty outta this world, i say "she got a great future behind her"

i have this thing for ludacris. i used to have a "crush" on him when i was thirteen, i used to have his picture taped onto my desk at school (smh)...but the problem is i still have a huge crush on him.
i was talking to one of my friends about luda and the way he talks about women & sex is unreal. splash waterfalls? whats your fantasy? uhh...yes. so the point of this is that i heard him on the "shes fine" remix and he just killls it. ludacris is way underrated, hes been around for too long and always always has great albums. I LOVE YOU LUDAAAA


anyway they don't you like i do....they''ll never know you...

via miss info --->

this is definitely my favorite song from 808's...beating out robocop and say you will.

and this video, of a video gives this song a whole different vibe.

rihanna...is paranoid.

kanye west ft kid cudi- paranoid


i love it

here is a special on 20/20 from 1981 on hip-hop music...even if you don't listen to hip-hop i think this is a spoonful of interesting information, the history of hip-hop/rap is so interesting to me


G.O.O.D music

first single from mr. hudson...who helped kanye a lot with 808's and heartbreaks
mr hudson ft kanye west- supernova

p.s- kanye definitely looks like he likes fishsticks in this picture on this youtube video.

blame it on the e-e-e-economy




hey younggg world

news has been so slow lately, there have been no songs that i think are post-worthy, no videos, no nathang! plus i have finals this weeek...wompwomp.

anywayz...anytime is a good time for a throw back =) i've been so into talib kweli lately...

and this video is so interesting..

Hot Thing - Talib Kweli



kid cudi & little boots performing day & nite

mother's day

Hey Mama - Kanye West

best mom tribute song ever....its sad, you can really feel kanye's love for his mom in this song...RIP Donda West

happy mothers day to all the mothers out there =) have a beautiful day, and tell your momma you love her!


dayum riri!

every website/blogger/person will be discussing this but just when things couldn't get more $sSscandal0ussSs with rihanna, it just got taken to a whole nother level with these naked pictures.....now the question is who leaked them...whatever its another naked body...who have we not seen naked....


this song is MY SHIIIIIT this song is all over the place...what chaa know about cookies with some appleJUIIIIIICCCCEEEE?!
but one thing i gotta say is...was camron's budget like $100? this vid quality is no bueno


old schoool

this song has a special place in my heart...and mary j looks absolutely beautiful in this video

911 - Wyclef Jean featuring Mary J. Blige


i've been working this grave shift, and i aint made shit..

i wish i could..buy me a spaceship and fly...

how many times have i sung that song to myself?
"spaceship" is one of my fav tracks off of college dropout.

well there is a music video for it that never got released...supposedly kanye didn't approve of the finish product. tsk tsk. all we have are pictures...maybe one day we will see.

see the whole article and pictures thanks to fake shore drive HERE.


you are the father!

l m a o do the stanky legggg

my two favorites.

amber rose is really something un-human. she is RIDICULOUS! AMAZING!
perez hilton said she is "jessica rabbit in real life" YES.
kanye looks grrreat too.

good day

happy tuesday? lol
semester is wrapping up and my favoriteee season is rolling up...SUMMER! and we're in my 2nd favorite season...SPRRRING! so lets spring into this old school-ness

biz markie- it's spring again


fails of the day

i hate to be a hater...but dayummmm...epic fails that have me smh..

lil kim ft charlie wilson &t-pain
1. lil kim shows no emotion in this video due to frozen face
2. i thought t-pain got injured on the set of this video? apparently not, cause hes not in it, his cartoon self is. fail

second fail...
ok i am a serious lover of fashion but RIHANNA! WHY?! i dont even know what to say.



method man & red man- a yo

im sooooo into this songgg. heard this a few weeks back, funkmaster flex literally played this song for 20 minutes...drilled it into my dome....perfect song for driving top down in the summmmer !

let the beat rock...pt 2

they are making so man remixes of "boom boom pow"...everyone from benny benassi to gucci mane lol. its such a great song that can be disected and make so many more songs...like this one i really like...even though i don't like gucci mane or 50 cent lol



an update

i've been busy in between presentations/finals and also battling swine flu (just kidding, not funny lol) but no really swine flu is no joke and shiz is getting to new york! run for cover peoples and scrub a dub dub on those paws

i must run to class, but im gonna throw you a throwback...i was in my car driving my lil broseph (hey broseph :) ) and this 14 year old has a better taste in music than most people i know...hes pretty awesome.

anyways, he hooked up his ipod to my car and threw this song on...

Express Yourself [Freedom Version] - N.W.A.


shit you need to hear

sorry i haven't been posting on this lovely blog i here have...but shiz is getting down to the nitty gritty and i have been doing nothing but work work and work.

but i had to take out a few minutes to share some good music with ya'llll......

uffie. this girl is freakin on some shit! i don't even know what kind of music this is, but its mad interesting. and i just wiki'd on her and got THIS (even more interesting)

"Anna-Catherine Hartley was born in Miami but moved to Hong Kong when she was four years old due to her father's work. [2] Her family once intended to spend a year sailing but a typhoon struck and the family had to abandon ship in the Philippines. Hartley later lived in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, but at age 15 relocated to Paris with her father; greatly preferring the French lifestyle, and she has lived there since. Hartley originally studied fashion in Paris and attended the International School of Paris on the famous Rue de Passy, but when the music offer came along, she dropped out of school because it was "a once in a lifetime opportunity" and signed with Ed Banger Records in early 2006.[2]"

anyways, she has collab'd with Justice, which most of you know. these songs would be considered "old" but to me they're *NEW*........anywayzzZz....heres some goodness from this interesting lady.

justice- tthhee ppaarrttyy

uffie- pop the glock


i love that G.O.O.D music

Number One feat. Kanye West - John Legend

"Thinkin' my heart don't got nothing to do with my penis
He got a mind of his own and he just be seeing shit
And I don't wanna cheat but I don't be saying shit
I try to jack off he ask me who is you playin' wit?
But I know he love you he told me you was his favorite"

lolz @ kanye

scrub the ground she aint nothin but a tease....

hahaha i love it

hurricane chris- halle berry (she's fine)


new music!

kid cudi+boom boom pow=fuego
black eyed peas ft kid cud- boom boom pow (remix)

i've really been into LMFAO lately...iiim in miami bitch!
black eyed peas-boom boom pow (LMFAO remix)

sounds like some classic kanye...
kanye west & malik yusef - magic man (feat. common & john legend)

drake ft nicki minaj- best i ever had remix


weezy sits on theee couch

weezy on the view...

haha he says he tries to set an example for youth? ok lil wayne, whatever you say.




this man needs to do the weather in NY.


you knoooowww who it is .....CUDI! 

get dat new new HERE!

1. Dj E-V - Intro
2. Daps & Pounds (DJ E-V Exclusive)
3. I Poke Her Face (ft Kanye West & Common) 
4. Sky Might Fall (Prod By Kanye West) (Early Version) 
5. Look Up In Da Stars (Feat. Wale) (Prod. by Breez) 
6. Skit - Jerry Maguire from Cleveland
7. Rollin (Remix) (Feat. Jackie Chain) 
8. She came along (feat. Sharam) 
9. Super Boo 
10. Welcome 2 the World (feat. Kevin Rudolf)   
11. Ho' Is Short For Honey (feat. 88-Keys)
12. Skit - Foggy Glasses
13. Buggin Out 2009 (ft. Consequence) 
14. Sky High (Prod. By The Kickdrums)
15. 09 Freestyle  
16. Switchin Lanes 
17. Higher Up 
18. Takeover Freestyle  
19. Can I Be 
20. Ask About Me ft. Chip Tha Ripper (Prod By Rami Beatz)


i smoke two joints before i smoke two joints, and then i smoke two more.

yes yes yes children today is the day! burn one down...
and that new asher roth is available today! "asleep in the bread aisle"

how did this day come about? supposedly a group of high school kids in california would meet after school at 4:20 (the time they got out of detention) and used "420" as a code around their parents and what not. 

what are my favorite "420" songs? hmm its a toss up...



Smoke Two Joints - Sublime


omg you gggggguuuuuuuuyyyyyyssssssss

everytime i see drake i melt. he is so freakin cute +++ so nice +++ so talented. this is angie martinez interviewing my lovely boooo......



stories you tell as we lay in bed all afternoon...they're all part of the list....

ne-yo- part of the list

this is one of my favorites off his latest album. i love ne-yo so much dammit



black eyed peas- boom boom pow

this song is sooo 3008 ! tehe this videos pretty good except that lame product placement for HP.....really guys?

i remember when the black eyed peas didn't even have fergie....
black eyed peas ft macy gray - request line