and you be giving me myspace...and you don't be running on myspace..

Number One Feat. Kanye West - Pharrell Williams

one of my co-workers put this song on their playlist today.....this used to be my SHITTTTT

pharrell ft kanye west- number one

kanye has definitley changed from 5 years ago...


common ft pharrell- punch drunk love remix

after seeing pharrell live, i really fell in love with him, and i've been obbessed with him. he really is so talented and he's everywhere in a subtle sort of way. i really want to see N.E.R.D when they come back around, and again...and again...

my husband is a nappy boy

travis mccoy is now signed to nappy boy entertainment.....


yes yes fresh new music is here...

the last song i posted was "Lions, Tigers & Bears"... and now heres the remix with fabolous...who was at the Gucci store across from my store with slick rick the other day ahaha...

and my worst dream came true...EVERYBODY HAS WORKED WITH DJ KHALED....on that sad note...heres the Go Hard remix w Jay-Z =( 

this song is a little bit O.D with the vocoder....

Fat Joe ft Lil Wayne nd Ron Browz- Winding On Me



this really was not hard for me because it is so clear...
JAZMINE SULLIVAN. is the truth...

this girl is SO talented. her voice is like noo other, its an instrument in itself.
she wrote her entire album. her album is ridiculous. 

her lyrics are so raw and real, and at only 21 she really is an INCREDIBLE songwriter.

if you really appreciate music...relating to lyrics, feeling chills from a beautiful voice...then you will fall in love with jazmine sullivan.

i'm pretty sure this is gonna be her next single, and this song is just REAL and unlike any song i have heard in a WHILE....

Lions, Tigers & Bears - Jazmine Sullivan

T.I Ludacris Young Jeezy Busta Rhymes Ron Browz

yeah yeah so last night i went to go see T.I young jeezy and ludacris at the hot 97 holiday bash with angie and dj enuff....

ludacris was really good. overall ludacris is a sick performer in all dimensions if that makes any sense...

young jeezy was really good, T.I was really good....

the crowd was horrible. i don't know what people took before they entered in that door, but the crowd was TIREEEDD. no one was hyped up to see anybody, and it was definitely a mood killer. i've been to much better shows....

but i met T.I at the hotel so i'm really not mad =D.

T.I going on and on at the concert about haters...but i didn't know about the thing with L.A Reid...hes so angry LOL


blue balls...

ugh diddy can you please go air dry or something...

he wants to change the new years eve ball to ciroc BLUE...for a million dollars. really, advertising is taking over the world, i think the new years ball is the only thing left!!

watch all his reasoning HERE..


life is good

i hope you all had a nice holiday, whether you are lighting candles on a menorah or going to mass....
i gave a lot of good, and got a lot of good.
really, the best thing i got, which i have wanted for a LONG ass time is....

a bubble umbrella. these are the best umbrellas ever, and i have one now

a gift from weezy to us

weezy f baby was ever so grateful to bless us all with a christmas gift from him, a new vlog!

wtf goes on.....


its christmas morning, the sun is shining and the snow is on the ground !!

i finished wrapping last night lol, for some reason i can't wrap anything until christmas eve.

look @ this CRAZYNESS via kanye's blog...

37 microwaves playing jingle bells


happy holidays

I just want to wish everybody out there a great holiday! 

I saw In The Heights today and it was reallly good. the guy who starred in it also wrote the play, incredibly talented and definitely a change to broadway, he rapped a lot. It's nice to spend a lot of time with my family....

wherever you are, enjoy your holiday!

and check out this house, this is INSANE

"christmas lights gone wild"

new JT

If I - Justin Timberlake Feat T.I

uhoh T.I sings in this song LOL

looking in your eyes while i grab your torso...

this song is SEXY AS HELL

rhea ft jadakiss- choreographer

diva diva diva

i love beyonce & sasha fierce.
i love that they're both releasing their videos at the same time.
i love sasha fierce. she is definitley a more exaggerated version of miss beyonce, but with songs like "diva" and "single ladies" thats the only way to go. there are so many cookie cutter r&b singers coughcoughashanticoughcoughcassiecough.... and beyonce definitley breaks the mold. 
sasha fierce gives normal women confidence, sasha fierce helps women get out of bad relationships.

and that is why men hate on sasha fierce! at least straight ones! 

so lets get to diva.......

i just found this song from beyonce called ...

you are my roc

how clever lol

You Are My Roc (prod by Stargate) - Beyonce


why i haven't been posting lately. . .

sorry i haven't been all up on it lately, i've been busy for a few reasons...

solve for x
-- its the holidays
-- its the holidays + i work in retail + the mall = x
-- snow + the mall + i work in retail + taking 2 hours to get back and forth to work ++ working = x
-- x = me being busy

and also i'm in a relationship...with CHARLES HAMILTON.

jesus i am fucking OBESSED with this cat... these songs just fucking speak to me .... nothing speaks to me like creativity...if its not normal, i like it....some of these songs, just WOW. 





it is freezing & snowing

old school
crime mob- knuck if you buck
l o l


every day is christmas cause i'm smoking that reefer

hello beautifulzszszss

i've been FFFFFFEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNINGGGG on this song this song is so fucking bad UUUGHHHH off the dedication 3

lil wayne ft jae millz- dick pleaser

so i was in target today starting at isouljaboytellem LOL i didn't buy it but i listened to a few songs though and for soulja boy its good i'm not gonna act like i'm not going to be listening to some of this songs...

LOL LIKE REALLY WHAT IS THIS SONG THIS IS SO .... SO ...... omg...is this even a song LOL

soulja boy- hey you there

booty got swagg (donk pt 2) - soulja boy 

wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket.

so yesterday i went to pharrell's flagship store for his clothing lines billionaire boys club/ice cream in SoHo i think around prince & w broadway..store was sickkk, it was beautifully designed, the clothes were awesome, and expensive as fuck ! but i don't care cause i don't wear boys clothes lol.

the website is well designed too....check it out right HERE


would you?

me and my friend keep talking about this and its quite hysterical...

would YOU have sex with lil wayne????



sooner or later

So your sad
Could have had so much done
You blew it off
Your chances passing you by (you were gay)
Time waits for no one
And it costs for a loss
A cosmic joke
Should you laugh or cry

N.E.R.D- sooner or later
{[im in love with pharrel williams]}

good mornin'

i should be studying but my laptop is my vice merrrr...

asher roth & charles hamilton talking some ishh

as much as i like charles hamilton, i think he is talking a little TOO much for someone who is new. and i don't even care about that kind of shit. i think he needs to fall back a little bit cause it gets old seeing videos like this of him on WSHH every day.

De La Soul - Me Myself And I - De La Soul

OLD SCHOOOL  ........ de la soul- me myself and i ........ this song puts me in a good mood no matter what =D


MyYyY bRrAiInNn

ok so most people i know right now are either wacky off of adderall or are o.d ing on caffeine, either way everybody is stressed about finals, i cant wait for finals to be done. but i'm not too stressed. 

anyways heres a nice little treat from back in the day 
and this is kind of the inspiration of what i will be doing when finals are done =P

musical youth- pass the dutchie 

don't tell your friends or i'll say you're a slut!


"jizzed in my pants"

what up, world

i was wrong =( or at least i think i am? yeah i definitley am, the dream's album does not drop tomorrow, it comes out in february..theres not a lot of information on this album, i don't get why EVERYONE doesn't LOVE the dream, seriously love vs. hate is one of my favorites. 

but isouljaboytellem comes out tomorrow, lol i know i know





i seee you jockin traviee

this is awesome

jockin jay-z travis barker remix

and i do it so easy, i make it look so easy...

i have been listening to this song non-stop, and its only fair if i share the love with everyone else.

red cafe- so easy remix

new york is hott right now, not like it ever isn't, but ron browz, jim jones & juelz santana, red cafe, 

CHARLES HAMILTON (im obessed)..check out his blog HERE , i never say anything is "the truth" cause few things are but...


The Pink Lavalamp

i seriously cannot even deal. the pink lavalamp is the truth. his sampling is ridonkulous


see i had a dope thing with a girl out in queens but they aint nuttin like them brooklyn girls..

i feel like i've been waiting for this song all my life, this song is so, so GREAAAAAATTTT i love this song so much!

charles hamilton- brooklyn girls

ill post later 


its a new form of mac and don't be old fashioned update your passion...

so funny for WSHH to post this video, cause i was going to post about this-

i watch oprah and all those shows and see all these shanigans teens get into, like RAINBOW PARTIES  haha. but a lot of people i know do such things, and even have ichat sex! i really have no opinion on this except the wise words of kanye....

"when you send a picture cover up your face, and cover up the tattoo by the waist" lolol

jamie foxx ft kanye west & the dream - digital girl

every day is a kanye day

kanye recently said this on his blog---

...read the rest HERE

i recently JUST got 808's and Heartbreaks, because i was a skeptic. i really DO like the album, but its not something i will be playing over and over again like other albums, its not where i am right now. i can see me playing this album on repeat at a certain point in my life, but i'm just not there, a lot of the songs are very dark and sad. but i DO love and listen to very much...say you will, heartless, paranoid, robocop and see you in my nightmares.

and heres Cory Gunz version of HEARTLESS...hottttt


i know i'm random but...

not a lot of movies scare me. i really am not phased by scary movies, except.....

CARRIE. maybe because it was one of the first scary movies i ever saw, or maybe because it is creepy as hell, but yeah this movie does something to me. it is really just soooo creeeeeeeeeepy. ugh the end is the worst.


a song for every month

music this year was goood, music never lets me down, but lets recap and see what songs (in my opinion) took over each month ... starting in june, cause i don't really remember january - may lol

June- Lil Wayne ft Static Major- Lollipop
July- LL Cool J ft The Dream- Baby
August- Jay-Z- Jockin' Jay-Z
September- T.I- Whatever You Like
October- Kanye West- Love Lockdown
November- Beyonce- Single Ladies
December- ?

i feel like the song of the year is....



LOLLIPOP. this was the first single off of The Carter III, and it was in EVERYBODY'S HEADS.  i don't need to explain myself.

a milli comes in second place!

do you agree? disagree? yay? nay?

sex for sugar, sugar for sex

ugh i'm in love with common.

so of course i picked going to best buy to pick up common's new album over doing my hair for work, and it was well worth it. common really switched it up in a good way with songs like "U.M.C" and "Sex For Sugar", songs that can definitely be played in the club, but still stays true to his style with songs like "Announcement" and "Inhale". i give Universal Mind Control a YEEESSSS!

i love you common <3>

tuesday is an amusing day

i got in trouble with blogger, WTF

they warned me to not pull any shangigans or else they will DELETE my blog

mer her.

anyways, go get that new COMMON, i might even go out of my way to go get it today

DONT go get that new 50

and i have no words about busta rhymes

k bye!


new music mondays

everyone and their momma is talking about this one...

jay z ft MC lyte- BK anthem 

jamie foxx ft lil wayne- number one

and i randomly found this ... forever remix ft lil wayne and lupe fiasco

anti-rape tampon

someone bought an advertisement of this into my advertising class!

this is insane! if you can't figure out what this is, it is a tampon equipped with a dagger thing to protect you from getting raped! WTF! 

this is the website...FEMDEFENCE and the commercials are wild ! watch them HERE THESE ARE SO WILD WTF WTF 

cadillac records

so yeah yeah i saw cadillac records, which is basically about chess records which was a famous blues recording label in the 1950s-60s which represented artists such as muddy waters, etta james, and chuck berry.

overall the movie was good, i was really looking forward to the actors such as Adrien Brody, Mos Def, and Beyonce...and they all did an amazing job, amazing amazing acting. The two actors that blew me away were definitley Mos Def and Gabrielle Union...Beyonce also did a great job, but the thing about Beyonce is she has such a strong identity already, so its hard to forget she is Beyonce...

the overall story was good, i was not looking at the time on my phone which i usually do during movies, so that says something haha.

if you are really into music, and want to take a trip back in time, and enjoy really good acting, then you will enjoy this movie.


yes i am posting at 3 30 am

the game ft neyo- camera phone

i'm so tired of these pointless videos. i like this song though


weekend love...

so before i go to sleep sometimes i turn on MTV hits...and it was q-tip's hitlist. and i was done. i stayed up and watched all of the videos lol. im a robot who can just watch music videos all day...

so heres scenario, videos today couldn't even get on this level!

a tribe called quest - scenario

A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario - mredona

i'm going to go see CADILLAC RECORDS tonight, i'm very very very very amped to see this movie, i haven't been to the movies in a very long time...and of course ill write a nice little review when i get a chance :)


lemme see the boootyy

ok i've been feening on finding all the new dream songs, and i happened to missed the most released one ....

i feel like lil jon kills songs for me. PLAYED OUT.

the dream ft lil jon- lemme see the booty

electrik red- drink in my cup

here is a new girl group produced by the dream, i like this song..drink in my cup!


asher roth

i'm really starting to like asher roth...hes definitley something new and he is a sick lyricist and he doesn't act like he's not a white boy from the suburbs lol...

"asher roth goes to college" -- this is very entertaining haha

brooklyn we go hard!

this song makes me wish i was from brooklyn so i could love this song even more than i already do...
and this video is AMAZING

jay z ft. santogold- brooklyn go hard

this is off of the notorious movie soundtrack, makes me that much more stoked for this movie...


don't stop loving me !!

im so sorry my blog hasn't been on par lately, because i have been so busy with school and work and all the other things that don't involve blogging lol... and news has been kind of womp womp lately...

BUT bringing back this song will make you love me anyway :)

i freakin love this song

this is the kind of music that makes me excited to go out!


radio killa...

okok im really supposed to be doing my final project, so i can go out tomorrow night.......but i am an expert in the fine art of procrastinating and its only right if i practice my art...

i have been listening to this song for about a week now, and i am in love with the dream. his songs basically talk about the same thing but he is a sick producer, you can tell which songs are produced by him, like umbrella ella ella...

but anywho, heres the song

the dream- rocking that thang

i cannot wait for this album!


happy world aids day!!

if you're a lady, go to a mac location and pick up a fly mac viva glam lipgloss or lipstick

and if you're a man, go to a mac location and pick up a fly mac vg lipstick or gloss for your girl!

or some kids helping kids cards from mac!

my location already sold out of cards, which is a big accomplishment :) i sold 34 packs!!

have a lovely day<3

p.s..im SO happy hilary clinton will be the next secretary of state! obama knows what his people likee :)

great people are going to be in office!


9 years ago there was this...

The 6th Sense - Common

common- the 6th sense


people are animals. literally.

i seriously cannot stop thinking about this story. what the FUCK is wrong with people?! 

A stampede of shoppers in a Valley Stream Wal-Mart on Friday morning left one worker dead and at least three patrons injured after an impatient crowd broke down the store doors and trampled the seasonal employee, Nassau police said.

Jdimytai Damour of Jamaica, Queens, was pushed to the ground by the 2,000-plus crowd just before 5 a.m. as management was preparing to open the store, which is located across from the main Green Acres Mall building. Hundreds stepped over, around and on the 34- year-old worker as they rushed into the store.

....read more HERE via newsday. 


gooble de wobble de wobble

turkey day turkey day turkey day

happy turkey day!

i'm glad we didn't have a terrorist attack last night (so far) but stay safe in the city!

thanksgiving is kind of a weird holiday, everyone just stuffs their face with weird foods that we don't normally eat lol.
but anyways, if it was my turn at the table to say what i am thankful for i would say my family, my friends, and barack obama :D

i am NOT thankful for the westchester mall to be opening at 7 am tomorrow, because i will have to be there.

think of me when you eat your dead carcass =)

jamie foxx ft t.i- just like me

love this song


gooble google

have a great holiday errbodyy!

if you go out tonight, be safe! its currazyy

ill be in the city, so if you wanna see my face hit me up!


you can call me daddy ima put you to bed!

this song is taking over my brain, common did some snippets of this song at his show

....this is too much..i love common...i think this is the album i really am anticipating for this year, something about common speaks to me<3 

may i take it there and say, if you like music, you will like this song! hahaha
download it here...


if i were a boy remix

seriously, r kelly needs to take a seat, his image is freaking trashed. i used to not hate on r kelly and kind of just brushed off all that pedophile shit, but ever since that interview on BET, i can never ever look at him the same, nasty nasty. HERES THE SONG

im not gonna post up the original interview, but this is funny

sketchy as fuck!

nobody's talking...cause talking just turns into screaming...

ne-yo- mad

this video is kinda corny cause of the whole car accident fiasco lol but i love this song and i love ne-yo and as should you.

nothing like some mary jane and shawty lo...

ok peoples lets get to it...

everyone is talking about T.I's crew and shawty lo's crews fight last night...i dont care, you're not going to find that here..

BUT you will find this...
i've heard this song a few times, and its about damn time i've posted it...this song is SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICKKKKKK...good job kanye...thats all i have to say, its about obama's victory...

jay z- history

don't let the days of your life pass by...

if i had to pick a song for me to wake up to daily...
it would be this song...

taking it back to 1994...

Git Up, Git Out - Outkast
outkast- GIT UP GIT OUT

there's your dose of old school...
....now git up git out and get that new kanye and ludacris!



the one thing i love more than blasting a freshly burned cd (yes i still burn cds) in my car...
is seeing the people live! i loove love love going to shows.
on that note....
ludacris...young jeezy...ti....
YES i am going to see all three of those lovely characters PLUS dj enuff and angie martinez 


so the AMAs were on last night, i could hardly care, i just like the performances, rihanna performed but she performs at EVERY SINGLE freaking show holy crap she is not even that good, take a seat.

but beyonce obviously did it up, kanye was my favorite though, cause i've seen that damn single ladies dance toooo many times....

here they are...

beyonce performing "single ladies"

kanye performing "heartless"

it's getting hot in hurrr so take off all yo clothes...

this is what i strive to be like in my golden years...

the best is the end when they sing nelly's "hot in here" they take off their clothes! lmao


weekend wrap up

hello beautiful people of the internet...the weekend is over, here goes thanskgiving week, everyones home and ready to wildd out...

after catching up on all my bossip, wshh, all hip hop blazee blah goodness....

heres an radio interview with kanye, basically explaining deeper into 808's and heartbreaks...and talking about other thangs...kind of makes me understand the album more, i can see where he's coming from saying hes just an artist trying to express himself, and definitley props out to him for doing this thang but...it's not what im looking for kanye. even though i've been blasting amazin.....

 heres T.I's full testimony on what happened the night his best friend died....i'm not going to act like i didn't watch the whole thing lol...it is quite interesting, and he is definitley a strong soul...and if you ever wanted the whole definition of "making it rain" according to T.I...this might be helpful ahahahaha

well kids, thats all i have to give today, i have hellllla work to do! <3


swagger from us?

yeah so i heard this song yesterday, and i'm supposed to bring the good news to the good people, so here you go...

this is on another level....

that is below "swagga like us"....WOMP WOMP

which reminds me of this funny ass video....

this makes me laugh SOOO much the pictures are hilarious

808's and heartbreak

here it is children, nothing but the truth and the whole truth.

i'm gonna be real and straight up.
i try to like this album.. i try to think, would i like these songs if it was some random singer, and not kanye west? and truthfully, i don't know.

i love you kanye, but some of these songs are SO bad. amazing, heartless, paranoid, and robocop i like. thats it.

stick to what you are good at! 


dime divas give it to me...

i LOVE this song forever and ever, it is hot, this video is fresh lil waynes verse is sick.... and the guys are turnin me on =P

keri hilson ft lil wayne- turnin me on

still he wasn't just some regular guy...tonys actually the other night..

solange- t.o.n.y

this is my FAVORITE song off of sol-angel & the hadley street dreams...this video is very well put together, and cee-lo makes a nice little cameo


speaking of what you put in your mouth...


thanksgiving! hooray!

ok, meat tastes good. we are humans, of course it does, who doesn't like a cheeseburger, or any of that other stuff? 

but if you are a human, you have a heart, and if you are smart and educated about what you put in your mouth, you would know that animals get treated horribly and put in the worse conditions before they get slabbed on your plate.

its not wrong to eat meat, but it is wrong to eat meat in the country we live in today.

native americans ate meat, but highly respected the animal they killed, they used every single part of that dead animal for some purpose.

 the reason why these animals are treated like this is because of high demand for meat, so we mass produce animals and treat them like products, not creatures, not animals like us who can feel pain and fear.

thanksgiving is coming up, more than 72 million turkeys are killed every year for holidays.

PETA does a lot of undercover investigations, and this year they went into Aviagen factory farms the worlds "leading poultry breader".... during this investigation they saw the following offenses....

----Employees stomped on turkeys' heads, punched turkeys, hit them on the head with a can of spray paint and pliers, and struck turkeys' heads against metal scaffolding.

----Men shoved feces and feed into turkeys' mouths and held turkeys' heads under water. Another bragged about jamming a broom stick 2 feet down a turkey's throat.

---A supervisor said he saw workers kill 450 turkeys with 2-by-4s.

---One man said he saw a coworker fatally inject turkey semen and sulfuric acid into turkeys' heads.

watch the video of these actions HERE 

would you do this to an animal? most likely not. by eating these turkeys, you are condoning this violence.

as humans, we are the smartest animals and we control how our animals and earth are treated. and as humans, we are the biggest destroyers of our earth, and don't care about our other animal friends unless they are furry and cute.


im just sayinn....

i'm random, but who likes predictability anyway....

paper planes was NOT the first M.I.A song i heard, or hearted. even though i did like paper planes....
i remember not really playing paper planes too much in front of people who didn't know M.I.A...
and now people are all on it. i don't care, good for M.I.A, she is crazy talented and deserves it, but it's funny how people follow so much, and do not lead...

bucky done gun will always have my heart. this makes me crazy, in a good way.

M.I.A- bucky done gun 
Bucky Done Gun - M.I.A.

all my divas...

so hello hello hello... im back from work and people keep talking about rihanna being pregnant with chris brown's baby and keeping it? i feel like this isn't true..and i hardly care..but only time will tell about this ...

anywayzzz lets talk about something important...like beyonces new cd...

i obviously went out of my way to pick up this good goodness on the way home...so lets talk..
this album has two CDS...one for sasha fierce and one for beyonce...sasha fierce is more of songs like "single ladies" or "upgrade you" or if you really need another example " get me bodied"....and beyonce is more of her ballads like "if i were a boy" or "me myself and i"....

"i am...beyonce"- beyonce could never go wrong with her ballads, her voice gives me chills, and she did no wrong with this part. i still have to listen to it a little more, but so far so good.

"i am...sasha fierce"- this is the cd i first popped in..and i'm glad. every song is HOT...diva is my new anthem, "sweet dreams" i have had since the beginning of the summer, but it was titled "beautiful nightmare"...they changed it up a little bit, it sounds even better which seems impossible...

overall, beyonce is always on another level, she stands apart from any other. keep it up please, and hopefully i will be seeing you and solange on tour next year!

one thing i didn't like...is the lack of songs. there are only 12? songs on this album. beyonce, if you recorded SEVENTY songs, give us some more love.

young jeezy- crazy world

this video is a lil much! ahh

ill post later, for now have a good day !



when it comes to music, im all about lyrics, its rare for me to listen to a song without any words, but songs with no music are horrible, id rather listen to instrumentals.

if i had to pick some of my favorite instrumentals off the top of my head, they would be....(links provided)

dj drama & lil wayne

merry christmas, heres the dedication 3...lil wayne never stops! he is not the same, he is an alienn. 

DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Dedication 3



this song is amazing, jazmine sullivan kills it in every song, her voice is amazing...i was looking forward to hear the remixes on this song, obviously you could be pretty creative/clever with this...so heres a few if you're a feen like me. . .

"bust your windows" remix with the dream...i can't wait for another album of his to come out, i STILL listen to love v. hate.

i love this one..."bust your windows remix" w skillz

ok im going to be a big hater right now but i freaking CANNOT stand trey songz when he does remixes...they are all horrible. his love lockdown remix made my ears bleed, swagga like songz...omg they are so bad, its not even funny. i just thought of this cause he did a remix to bust your windows, which is horrible, which i won't post, you don't have to thank me.


do you wanna get with me ? the question is rhetorical

i have no words, this is what happens when 18 year olds get way too much money...even though i can't hate on soulja boy!


someday you wish you were a better man...

its official, i'm in love with beyonce.

this is her interview on oprah today....

she is so freaking BEAUTIFUL, she is insanely talented, she has such a great aura about her, and its really great how she's really private about her relationship with Jay-Z. 

one thing i really respect about her is her morals, and i can definitely understand what it is like to sacrifice things to get where you need to be...not going to prom..not being away at college..not being able to study abroad...yup. 

and her makeup is always so on freaking point.

i cannot wait for the new album to come out, i'm trying to hard not to download the tracks!

and this is her performing "if i were a boy"


what a huge deal! i really hope this breaks down a lot of doors on the way to cure AIDS...
 read the whole article HERE

i work for MAC who has a huge fund for AIDS, we have six lipsticks and two lipglosses where 100 percent of the cost goes to the AIDS FUND...and a whole lot more, i actually walked the AIDS walk this year in NYC, and it was amazing.


she wants a goon and it shows...

sometimes i want a goon, you know, like plllliiieeesss babbyy!

plies- put it on ya 


watch out for lady danger...

yeah so i updated a few thangs, just a feeeww thangs on my blog...

- i added more blog links, blogs i throughly enjoy..and i took off some blogs, sorry, you weren't updating?!

-i added a few more links

-i added a nice little "album release date" section, with all the albums that are set to be released this year, if i missed any let me know.

- a few prob wonder...what is LADY DANGER? where did you get that name? .... well, MAC has very interesting names for their shades of lipstick/eyeshadows etc...and lady danger happens to be my favorite. its a bright ass red lipstick, which i don't wear, when i do i get stares lol.

i was discussing MAC names over dinner last night with my dear friend, and they have sick names. they must get high and come up with these names, they have a blush that looks like the color of a blunt called BLUNT, a purple eyeshadow called PURPLE HAZE, and a bunch more. i love working for MAC.

anyways...i haven't done this in a while...here are the songs i am feeeening on this week (links provided)


im a problem that will never be solved...

oh kanye...


so another one is out from 808's and heartbreaks...i saw a track coming with jeezy because kanye had a picture with him working on the album...and here it is kids...another weird sounding track...all these tracks take a little getting used to...

i love robocop.
i love heartless.
i love paranoid.
i don't really like love lockdown.

this song i'm not so sure about yet...

and what the fuck is with all these crow creatures crowing in all these songs?


life is short. have an affair.

whhaaaaaaatt. please watch the commerical above ^^

this is insane! what the hell!

how can anybody promote anything like this?
does marriage mean ANYTHING anymore? can anybody have a real, monogamous marriage anymore? let alone a relationship?

i am so against this kind of shit, if you are married, you made a promise to somebody !
this just makes it seem like its okay and not a big deal. so selfish and thoughtless. 

what do you think?

jada mwahh

i have been all up on jadakiss lately....

i can always respect and love somebody who is consistently on another level...for example...lets go back about 10 years when "money power respect" came out.....

december 9..KISS MY ASSS or THE LAST KISSS in stores

jadakiss- "we run this"......ten years later..

manic mondays

So T-Pain is cranking out another collab with Lil Wayne next year titled "T-Wayne" ... and said The Carter IV is going to be a mostly rock album using the blessed vocoder....interesting, kind of like that sound on Kevin Rudolf track he was on ( who is signed to Cash Money btw.... ) and the album should be released sometime early 2009

and the best news of the day..is a new track by THE DREAM (one of my fav fav artists)
sooo hot, so hot, just like anything he does...

the dream- so real, so fake


T-PAIN IS ONLY 23??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

ok i really thought t-pain was at least 30-35...t-pain is only 4 years older than me...this is something i didn't know..
as a makeup artist...maybe the gold teeth age him? i dont know...he doesn't look 23 to me..does he look 23 to you?

miss independent

 so when there's nothing to talk about, why not myself? mwahahaha

so today was the first time i ever drove into nyc, if you've been to nyc, you know you have to have some steel balls to drive around, and yellow always wins. but i don't fucking play so it was nothing but a g thang....

im doing big thangs guys, big THINGS...my focus is so sharp, my mind is in the right places, and i got my tunnel vision glasses on. if you read this and you don't know me, i'm a makeup artist for MAC, and if that doesn't work out, i'm in school for marketing, hopefully transferring for marketing and communications ... i'm also obviously really into music, pop culture, and fashion.  anything creative..i'm in.


even though she is a serious trainwreck, i love me some amy winehouse. and mark ronson. together they equal magic.



throwing it right back at ya

this is one of my favorite videos...i could even say one of my favorite songs...

"us placers"- lupe fiasco, kanye west, pharell (CRS)


no title

i know this is random, but this song, and this album, puts me somewhere else....

now what you should do is 

lay back and let the music come through your veins, 
let it take over your mind, 
and close your eyes.......

its a feeling i can't describe....

makeup is an art...

wow i'm really proud of this...

so if you don't know me and you're reading this, i'm a MAC artist...

i did her makeup and these pictures are amazing. when i see things like this it makes me so proud of where i've came from from, even in just a year...

i don't know how to embed this video, but if you wanna see a beautiful girl trashing a wedding dress (makeup by me :) ) click HERE

have a good weekend! i will be busy at jacob javits center :)

you got a new friend? well i got homies..

i love this song...and i LOVE robocop...i just want to see some verses...
but anyway heres the animated version of..
kanye west- heartless

ignorant bitches

bitches like these make me not proud to be a white young female. seriously.

this girl "lindsey boggs" posted her status on facebook somewhat like this (it was posted on bossip but i guess they took it off)

Lindsey mind as well shoot her self before these n*ggers taking over office do!

i dont remember the exact wording, but it BLEW up. supposedly this girl got terminated from her sorority. she obviously deserves it, people think the internet is a veil for them to say what they wanna say, but karma is a bitch.

and then i go on world star hip hop and i see these two. it really makes me sick. it makes me sick, but there will always be these people, but it still doesn't make it right. its just WOW these girls will one day be the mothers of children, what are you doing?

polar opposites

gnarls barkley...need i say more?

soulja boy tell 'em.....need i say more?


these are the kind of people i run away from when they come into MAC

all of what you said didn't even matter to me after your teaching your daughter how to say FUCK

the renaissance in stores!

you should be picking up Q TIP'S new album, which came out election day!

i've been low on funds so i haven't picked this one up yet, but please believe i will be tomorrow. 

this is sexy...

no cents

i respect 50 cent, but i don't really like him....

heres his new video for "get up"

it kind of reminds me of "in da club".. the beginning..hes always working out lol...singing in the microphone...

decide for yourself----



lupe speaks about obama

lupe is nice to listen to....i cant believe he said that obama's speech didn't move him though!

harder better faster stronger...

yeah so i woke up kind of early today and today is DAFT PUNK day, i declared it.

i never saw this video before, it has 25 million views, its awesome!


..i would love to go see someone like daft punk, totally different experience than any other concert i've been to... watch this video, DONT YOU WANT TO BE THERE?



heres the sampler of i am...sasha fierce
which is beyonce's new album coming out soon...

...and can i just say it is


beyonce is the TRUTH and every album is something new and sick


so this week has been filled with so much! 


i was high on obama last night, i couldn't even put a decent post together haha. really, no words could put together how happy and excited i am. change is finally here, a breath of fresh air ! and so much RELIEF. obama's campaign was flawless. 

congratulations barack obama, mr.president! ! !

and another UPBEAT note, proposition 2 in california passed, and question 3 passed in massachusetts ! this means BETTER conditions for pigs, chickens, calves, and other animals that are raised for food. question 3 will ban greyhound racing in 2010, which is a horrible sport and these dogs are put in HORRIBLE conditions and most of them are killed at the end of their "career" read more about these issues HERE

but....on a very very VERY sad note, proposition 8 was most likely PASSED in california (word is they are still counting votes), which means that gay marriages will be banned in california. 

this is tragic on so many levels, and will likely set the tone for gay marriage is going to be in other states. this must be devastating to gay couples, especially in california who got something handed to them and then snatched away.
i hope you are all happy who voted yes. stop being fucking selfish and realize gay people have rights too. i hope you have a child who is gay and realize you all made a big mistake.

ok enough about POLITICS ! my head is spinning! haha...

i love this song, jadakiss is fireee, and he's from yonkers so how could you not love him?
jadakiss ft neyo-"by my side"