live fast and die young...

hola mamacitas y papis. sorry for the pause on ladydangerr, i was in vegas all last week celebrating life & the big 2-1. do i need to say it was the pure insanity?

this summer has been insanely busy...i'm trying to stay on my blog game though. as much as i hate ricky rozay rick ross whoever the eff he is...his new album is hoooot.



I'll be on a hiatus for the week. Lemme know if anything epic happens :).


Premeditated Murder

J.Cole....I love you. He is just the right amount of everything. another fuego album worthy song from the man himself.

J.Cole - Premeditated Murder

some morning goodness


David LaChapelle

David LaChapelle's newest exhibit opens today at Chelsea’s Paul Kasmin Gallery. Some pictures feature Michael Jackson in biblical scenes.

I don't know what to think of these pictures in particular..but I do love LaChapelle. Read the interview with David LaChappelle at Women's Wear Daily.


Amber nd Ye made me realize that it's possible to have a crush on a COUPLE. too bad they broke up...these are some previously unreleased pics taken by Terry Richardson.

sweeet life

rick ross ft john legend- sweet life

rick ross just doesn't do it for me. he needs talented people to saturate all his tracks so he can seem like he's dope...but really at the end of the day, he's just a big fat phony (literally).


sorry I fell off. it was my birfday.


Weezy gives sex advice

obviously these clips are not new since Lil Wayne is in jail.... but I came across them and couldn't help but watch them all haha. For someone who fathers Lauren London's baby and had two girls pregnant at once...i'd watch these. they give the LOLS.

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starts with an A, ends with a sher...

Asher Roth- Toni Braxton

lol. i would watch an Asher Roth cartoon every saturday morning with my cereal, if there was one.



J.Cole freestyle on Tim Westwood




this song has been out for a minute...but i guess its hard to shoot a video when they both have been/ are in jail. not much to say about this video except that weezy ashes in his grammy haha

lil wayne ft gucci mane- we be steady mobbin



"and if i see biggie tonight, i loved every minute..."

This really is so fucking dope. It's a real problem. I'm so gay for Kanye :).

Rick Ross ft Kanye West- Live Fast Die Young

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How many times can you say "I'm in Miami, Bitch!?!"

Jersey Shore..Season 2...July 29...::fist pump::

Janelle Mon­áe ft B.o.B & Lupe Fiasco

Janelle Mon­áe ft B.o.B & Lupe Fiasco- Tightrope (Wondamix)

she's so cute. i like her style.

new cudi ft kanye

Kid Cudi + Kanye West are two dudes I enjoy more than most...but I think this song has to grow on me more. Yeah I can just like it because it's Cudi & Ye but would I like this song if it was say....Kevin Rudolf? It's verrrrrry pop. Like SIMPLE PLAN pop.

This stuff always grows on me though. ^_^

And then supposedly Big Sean announced on Twitter that his, Cudi's, and Kanye's albums will all drop the same day September 14. A good day in G.O.O.D music history. I don't see why it would hurt any of their album sales.

Kid Cudi ft Kanye West- Erase Me