i can transform yaa

this song is strange.

i played this in my store and when it came on people looked scared at first cause they didn't know what transformer sound was...just chris breezy ladies, nothing to be scared of...

chris brown ft swizz beatz & lil wayne-transform ya


songs im feeling

these songs aren't necessarily the newest songs out, its just songs i have been listening to...

.....what a cover.


i can't go any further than this...

black eyed peas- meet me halfway

this video is a little weiirrdd but i love this song so much so i give it a YES



this shit is sooo freakingg dope!!!

the visuals just make it insanely great.

if you are a fan of KANYE, or a fan of SAMPLING, or like to BREATHE...then you need to watch this video NOW.

nuff said.

what happened to this lil lady?

what ever happened to tiffany evans?

she killed, KILLED halo!

does anyone remember pROMISE RING? that songs makes me feel like im in highschool again...i love!


funny? i think not..

hmm check out this "talent" show in australia where these white guys with painted black faces call themselves the "jackson jive"....

i don't think this is funny at all and they were definitely making bafoons out of the jackson 5! i respect every country has their own humor and culture but damn...

harry connick jr definitely did the right thing and he was probably a lot more pissed off than he seemed.


wow i did not know obama did auto-tune!

ugh i can't with this video lolololololololololololololol


i was so AMPED for the "fame kills" tour, starring kanye west & lady gaga..

i bought tickets for it the day it got canceled! such a weird timing since there has been talk of this tour for so long AND the presale started a week earlier, no?

which could lead to the speculation that the tour was canceled due to sucky ticket sales, which some news sources are saying...but for two superstars to produce such horrible ticket sales where they would CANCEL it even before ticket sales weren't available to the general public? rare.

^^^^^lady gaga said to billboard magazine it was a mutual agreement, and she will be going on tour in the same city's around the same time she was supposed to be on tour with kanye. and also she gives 50 a piece of mind in response to calling the fame kill's tour "the gay tour". 50 knows better than that!

only time will tell, but i AM glad for kanye to have some time off after that whole fiasco.