no words. flava flav's new video



ahahaha i want a thuggie.


good morning

this is the official weekend of rise and grind. 4 finals in two days, and working during the holidays ain't no pinic either. at least people are in the *holiday spirit*

whatever you are doing this weekend, studying, shopping, relaxing, have a good one :D

heres a throwback for ya

hahahahaahahh this song used to be the SHITTT.



this looks bad ass.

robin hood is a great story.

coming march 2010


some trippy shit

remember that post i did about major lazer? yeah we'll i didn't post this video and it has seriously been haunting me and my friend for days now.....

i seriously don't get the point of this video. someone PLEASE tell me...

major lazer ft nina sky & ricky blaze- keep it going louder


the same guy who directed the video above, directed a video for MGMT, who i love...

MGMT- the youth

reminds me of debbie's glamour shots in napolean dynamite or somethang.

ga ga oh la la

MAC released the campaign for Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper as the new spokespeople for the MAC AIDS Fund....ooooooh la la. Past spokespeople include Dita Von Teese, Lil Kim, Mary J Blige, Elton John, Pamela Anderson..and so on. Cyndi Lauper looks kind of fabulous no? Both of them do.

Cant' wait until this comes out next march!


music mondays!

yeahyeahyeah mondays are painful...especially with finals right around the way....but they are a little bit easier to get through with music mondays :)

let me introduce what i have been listening to ever since i downloaded this goodnes....

a cool stick!

this up and coming band is out of baltimore...and it's definitely a FRESH new sound. it's hip-hop minus the same beats you hear on the radio, instead adding in some more instruments..sort of like the roots and asher roth had a baby.

anywhoo...they're EP is available to download FO FREE....and of course you can get it HHERRREEEEE. what's better than good, free music?

happy holidays peoples!


major lazer

so nylon magazine is being generous for the holidays and hooking err body up with 27 songs (their favs for the year)


^ happy holidays.

anyways so i downloaded it and it is definitely for someone who likes indie music, which isn't me but i happened to dig up a few good songs out of the 27.

major lazer.

major lazer ft santigold- hold the line

i saw this video somewhere not too long ago and the first thing that came to my head was (WTF?) but then i was like (!!!) this song is catchy, and anything with my lady santigold in it i automatically like.

this happened to be on the nylon playlist which made me more curious to find out who major lazer was...

Major Lazer is a fictional animated character,[1] who (according to press releases) fought as a Jamaican commando and lost his arm in a secret zombie war in 1984.[2] He fights vampires and various monsters, parties hard, and has a rocket-powered hoverboard.

????????????????? so interesting.

all his videos are so freaking tripppy. these songs are definitely up my alley though. WHAT DO U THINK?


it's funny how someone else's success brings pain..

damn drake is all up in every video! good for him, i can't can't wait for this album to drop!!!!! drake is a refreshing fella

timbaland ft drake- say somethin

LOL on that freeze of timbaland


obviously you can tell by my home page this is one of my favorite songs of 09' HANDS DOWN!

love this shit so much the video is iiiilllll

drake and cudi you can spray me with some champagne any day.


call me mr flinstone i can make your bed rock !

ugh ladies and peeps i know i know this is horribly slacking...

this deserves a post though, young money is definitely the bad boy right now!!

nicki minaj weirds me out with those theatrics though

young money- bed rock