I feel the need to comment on Kanye's new movie/music video. This is a hate it or love it situation (like most Kanye situations) but I have a strong love for this video...for a couple of reasons.

1. For Ye to direct such a lengthy film, with a really creative plot, shows how much of an artist he really is. I think the reason why I love Kanye sooooo much is because he truly is an INNOVATIVE artist, from being a backpack rapper in 2003, to going left field with 808's and heartbreaks, to making a 35 minute musical film. Innovate is a word that is thrown around too lightly, but it fits Mr.West.

2. The video is just visually stunning. The landscapes, lighting, colors...magnificent.

3. Previewing those new tracks that are dropping November 22 on his album "My Dark Twisted Fantasy"...all of them were sosososo dope.

4. Selita Ebanks is bad...even as a parrot.

The only part I wasn't crazy about was the actual "Runaway" part. Ballet was too lengthy.

Whether you think the film is great or not, Kanye is making HISTORY.