what we need a rubber for? you look so good i raw u hoe

ahahahahaha this does not help any STD or HIV/AIDS epidemics at all..

but it is still funny as hell.


straight jacket jeans...you look crazy in them

rockin that thing remix w fabolous / ludacris / juelz santana / rick ross

gangstas don't ask questions

Watch CBS Videos Online

this is a snippet from Katie Couric's pre Grammy interview with the one and only Weeeezy.

- definitely one of the most awkward interviews in Katie Couric's career
- gangstas don't ask questions

you are the prototype.

Andre 3000 - Prototype - Andre 3000

a little music to get you out of your bed =)


shawty is a tennn

I never really post up hot guys or girls on my blog...
but today is an exception.

This girl is FIRE. Especially with her short hair, she rocks it well.
Her name is Amber Rose, if she looks familiar, she was featured in the Chris Brown, Ludacris, and Sean Garrett "What them girls like" video.  

Rule of thumb: Not sure if a girl is really pretty? Picture her bald.


new hova

jay-z- when the money goes
sounds like a classic jay-z song...

also...i found this song, but I can't find it anywhere but HERE...I don't know what that means...

but this song is RIDONKULOUS. yes i said ridonkulous. its fucking jay-z AND lupe !

when you're overexposed they don't really see you...

Let me start this off by saying I really am a fan of him. His analogies are out of this world, like a martian. (haha.) His most recent album I played non-stop for four days, and I still do play. Some of his songs turn into inside jokes with my friends, and I can listen to Something You Forgot if I am sad, and I can listen to Phone Home if I want to laugh. He truly is a talented artist.

Yes...I am taking about Weezy F Baby (I don't forget the F around him.)

On the flipside (this is where I get negative)...he is SOOO overexposed. I understand his whole demeanor with working non-stop..in the studio, on the stage, in the studio..but it's too much. Lil Wayne is consistent with good quality music (except that new rock song Prom Queen =X) but he's WAY too available. I was switching stations on the radio today...and for real, he was on EVERY remix and EVERY song. 

I am going to anticipate an artist's next song/remix even more if they come less often. You always want what you can't have/get...and boy I do get a lot of Lil Wayne. If he pulled back a little bit and chilled out for a few months there would be a lot more hype to him. I've said this before and I'll say it again...Lil Wayne is a song whore.  I think if you stay out in the spotlight too long your light will burn out.

Am I the only one sick of this dude?


Soon after writing this post, I found THIS on the smoking gun, which makes me lolz. It is his requirements for when he goes to perform on tour...amusing to say the least.
....don't give him black hand towels or he'll bug out.

its the end of the world as we know it

Some people believe that the world is either going to end, or undergo a huge change in December 2012. I really don't know how I feel about this...

All I know is that somebodys gonna feel stupid in December 2012....

either me because I didn't prepare for the world to end and im going to be frying in some fire, or this guy cause hes going to have mad suppiles for nothing :

good morning to all

heres some old school goodness to start your day...

the roots ft common - act too ( love of my life )

Act Too (Love Of My Life) - The Roots


i love this video

don't blink or you might miss something.

N.A.S.A. (Feat. Slim Kid Tre, Fatlip & KRS-One) - Hip-Hop

he can get it.

he must get so much play.

new music mondays

bobby valentino ft lil wayne & lil kim - beep beep (remix)

jim jones- na na (we getting money like) .... this song is iiiiiilllll.

lil wayne- prom queen........lil wayne is trying a new sound..which is rock...which is so far awful..........is this a joke?

kanye needs a girlfriend

if i had to do a blog just on one artist...it would be martin louie the king jr aka kanye west.

hes defintely been a lil strange these days..just a little between the sweet mullet and the hissy fits on his blog.


heres a new vlog from the man himself.

A message from kwest on Vimeo.


louis vuttion sneakers designed by kanye premiere in paris

you go louis vuttion don!


R.I.P Heath Ledger

Today makes a year anniversary of Heath Ledger's death. He had RAW, REAL talent. I saw Dark Knight not too long ago, and he really blew me away. It was predictable that he was going to get nominated for Best Supporting Actor for this years Academy Awards... but it is well deserved. So sad.


where's the substance?

I hate when I post too many videos, which is what I have been doing. I need to fall back and start writing some shit. I'm not the best writer, but I will definitely try to deliver some goodness and try to bring my opinion and all that good junk you like. 

Also, I'm not going to post up album release dates anymore. Labels change release dates way too much for me to keep up with. BUT I always will keep you posted.

MAYBE i'll do a vlog again one day...thats a little much to be asking for. =P

Good Night =)

john legend- everybody knows

and I know one day you'll see, nobody has it easy
I still can't believe you found somebody knew
I wish you the best, I guess...
'cause everybody knows, that nobody really knows
how to make it work, or how to ease the hurt

old school

nothing like a little b.o.b to get you moving in the AM....

definitely one of my favorite songs, the first time i heard this song all i could think was WOAH.

B.O.B. - OutKast

outkast- B.O.B

at last..my love has come along...

i wanted to watch this last night, but it was kind of confusing with all ten balls lol so thank god for the internet...

heres mr. president and the first lady dancing to their first dance with beyonce singing "at last" originally by etta james...



tell them republicans to be quiet!

i've ALWAYS wanted to post this video, for some stupid reason I never did, this is so funny and sometimes when i singing along to whatever you like...i'll sing this song instead =P

maybe you've seen this, it has 4 mill views, but here it goes ...

T.I - Whatever You Like ( OBAMA spoof )

my president is black but his house is all white...

no one could have remixed this other than Jay-Z

Young Jeezy ft Jay-Z- My President (Remix)


new day...new semester...

new president.

this is the first time I'm watching this since I was in class at the time...but I just got chills. Today is a great day in history! Enjoy your day =)

Tupac once said....

And although it seems heaven sent
We ain't ready, to see a black President...

nuhuhh !



this i think is the new theme song for the new fast and furious movie ( which i hope is as good as the first one ) if you didn't know, its the same cast (Vin Diesel, Paul Walker)

so i never heard this, the travis barker remix of "Crank That"

and heres one of the trailers for FAST AND FURIOUS 4

sickk can't wait to see this

time isn't wasted when you're getting wasted

this song is really starting to surface now...
and jim jones remixed it.

i think this song is fine as the original, no remix. 
but heres the remix!

asher roth ft jim jones - i love college remix


can i get a napkin please?

i think this video made me laugh more than any youtube video i've seen

just imagine being in the mall minding your own business and this happens...



I'm kinda beat so ima make this quick...
yeah so i saw the notorious movie tonight...it was REALLY good, it couldn't have gotten better...i could definitely understand why Lil Kim wouldn't be happy with the film, even if it was accurate.

ANYBODY should see this movie.

I went with my favorite person to go to these type of things with, or my favorite person in general lol....my broseph, my brother, joseph. He is 14 years old and knows soo much about music. When we were driving to the movies i put on Planet Rock and he knew the whole song! 

ill elaborate another day, for now....night <3 

Young Jeezy ft Nas- My President

Dammmnnnn i've been waiting on this video...

good job on the video

(and his lambo is really blue)

Rest In Peace Aaliyah

Today Aaliyah would have been 30 years old.
She was sooooooo beautiful...
RIP <3

This is one of my favorite Aaliyah songs....
Aaliyah- I Miss You


planes crashes in hudson river

this is insane....

via The Wall Street Journal

NEW YORK -- US Airways pilots executed a dramatic emergency landing Thursday on the Hudson River near midtown Manhattan, saving the lives of all 150 passengers and five crew members aboard Flight 1549.

The Airbus A320 twin-engine jetliner -- enroute to Charlotte, N.C. -- landed at 3:31 p.m., about five minutes after leaving LaGuardia Airport. The landing was the first time in 50 years of commercial jet travel that a large passenger aircraft made a water landing without fatalities, according to air-safety experts.

US Airways officials said Thursday it was too soon to determine the cause of the accident. The crew reported flying through a flock of geese, sucking them into both engines, said a person at the Federal Aviation Administration familiar with conversations between the flight crew and air-traffic controllers. The damaged engines continued to run but weren't generating enough power, he said.

45 days to redeem yourself...

heres a preview to T.I's new reality show "Road to Redemption" premiering Feb 10...I will definitely be DVRing this show....


I have been sooo into the old school lately...


blast from the past

Since I'm a weirdo and I think about random things....
yesterday I was thinking how funny it would be if parachute pants came back into style, I guess it came into mind because a lot of the hip hop styles from the late 80's - 90's are coming back into style...

And then I went shopping online and found these on a very popular clothing site--


so much to do, so much to see

i'm going to the city and going to these places (even if you don't live in NY, the websites are interesting)


museum of new ideas


museum of sex


peanut butter and co

this is your brain on drugs

does anybody remember this commerical?

gucci mane punching a girl

i finally brought myself to watch this video...

WOW. i feel like there is such a lack of disrespect between men and women these days. its sick. for a long time i was kind of "protected" from experiencing such disrespect having been in a long term relationship, but now that i'm single and go out to clubs and date and what not...it's just unbelievable how men treat women. obviously not all men are like this, and women have definitely not helped the situation.
but....how bad is it going to get for our children? 13 year olds are getting suspended for getting blow jobs in the bathroom of their middle schools. Seven 11 year old girls in the bronx got suspended for DRINKING IN SCHOOL. when are things going to get better, instead of progressively worse?

sorry...that was a little off topic lol

and heres Violetta Wallace (Biggie's Mom) trying to reach out to Lil' Kim....

i love it when you call me big poppa...

this basically explains why lil kim is not happy with the notorious big movie (which is advertising SO HEAVY)...i feel bad for lil kim because people are so harsh and judgemental meanwhile he was a big part of her life and this is definitely a hard time for her.

give the girl a break!

old school

good morning loves.

i can't believe this song is 5 YEARS OLD. 

this is a great song, GREAT video, leave it to jay-z to break barriers like bringing naomi campbell into hip-hop videos. (and i've had a crush on pharrell lately)

Change Clothes - Jay-Z


DJ Benzi presents ... SKY HIGH

THIS IS A MUST FOR ANY KANYE FAN! Even if you don't like kanye , this is like an electronica remix of his hits. This is seriously on another on another level, this makes my day.


50 cent is so gay

get over yourself, lil wayne is not going anywhere. 50 cent is so fucking wack! he does collabs with no body because nobody likes him. it sucks that eminem is partners with him, cause he could do some iiiillll collabs. 

Im On Your Heels Mr. Carter. Dont End Up On The List. Be A Missing Person Like Cam'Ron ... Be A Missing Person like Ja


i hate the snow

a lot. snow causes so many problems and conflicts, like getting to work.

but this year, its not gonna matter, cause im gonna have one of these sweet babies---

saturday sticky ickeee

heres a nice little playlist of some songs i've been enjoying much lately ---






jeez i suck at life

i apologize for not updating as frequently as i have wanted to...

but lets get to it...

heres the mastered version of "crack a bottle" now w dr dre nd 50...its weird to hear new eminem ... i feel like i haven't heard him in yearrrrs....he really didn't change but this isn't my favorite song, maybe it will grow on me

eminem ft dr dre & eminem- crack a bottle

heres new busta rhymes w jadakiss & young jeezy... conglomerate. whats SO GREAT about being a new yorker is hot 97 and hearing this song a few weeks ago...

busta rhymes ft jadakiss & young jeezy- conglomerate

heres 50's next single..i don't hate it...

50 cent- i get it in



lil wayne looks like whoopi goldberg's cousin in this clip of him debating on ESPN's 1st and 10


good porn

so one of my best friends came over the other night (hi!) and we were you tubing like crazy...and then i found out...she never saw the "take you down" video (& she likes chris brown)

[LIVE] Take U Down (Prod.Underdogs) / Chris Brown -

seriously, we were just sitting there with our mouths down to the floor. 
this video is 


you know i'm bored when i do this..


lost a frien​d?​
nope, i've only gained friends

staye​d singl​e almos​t the whole​ year?​

no i was in a relationship until april

kisse​d someo​ne new?

had your heart​ broke​n?​
i wouldn't say broken, id say like thrown against the wall and stomped on. lol

had a stalk​er?​
unfortunately i really did.

done somet​hing you'​ve regre​tted?​
i don't regret anything, seriously. regrets become obessions

cut class​?​
i'm not in highschool anymore, i don't cut class, i just dont go lol

were invol​ved in somet​hing you'​ll never​ forge​t?​
yes of course, you were too if you voted !

visit​ed a diffe​rent count​ry?​
not this year =( this year!

lost somet​hing impor​tant to you?

mm not really

got a gift you adore​?​
any gift i receive i adore

tripp​ed over a coffe​e table​?​

probaly, i fell into a bath tub the other night

dyed your hair?​

came close​ to losin​g your life?​

no god forbid

went to a party​?​
i went to many parties, many fun ones toooo

read a great​ book?​

of cours​e

saw one of your favor​ite bands​/​artis​ts live?​
alicia keys, ne-yo, jordin sparks, n.e.r.d, common, ludacris, t.i, young jeezy, busta rhymes

2008:​ Your Love Life

Did you meet anyon​e speci​al?​

Did you fall in love?​

Do you like someo​ne right​ now?
nope, lol

2008:​ Frien​ds and Enemi​es

Did you meet any new frien​ds this year?​

Did you disli​ke anyon​e?​

Did you resol​ve any fight​s?​
i hope so

Who are your close​st frien​ds?​
amanda, erica, sarah

Do you have any regre​ts when it comes​ to your frien​dship​s?​
nope, i try to be a good friend

2008:​ Your BIRTH​DAY!​

Did you have a cake?​

i actually didn't, wow lol

Did you have a party​?​
i had a small get together

Did you get any prese​nts?​
of course i did, what's a birthday with no presents

If so what was the best thing​ you got?

really, getting my ugly bumper fixed made me happy as hell

2008:​ All about​ YOU

Did you chang​e at all this year?​


Did you get your hair cut?
ummmm realllly?

Did you chang​e your style​?​

not really, i stay fly

Were you in schoo​l?​
yes for marketing

Did you get good grade​s?​
yuppp like that 4.0 status 

Did you have a job?
yes :) <3 M.A.C

Did you drive​?​

oh probaly around the world 5 times

Did anyon​e close​ to you give birth​?​


Did you move at all?

not this year

Did you go on any vacat​ions?​
yes, it was my first year at m.a.c so i didn't really get to go anywhere that special =(

Would​ you chang​e anyth​ing about​ yours​elf now?

nope , i really do like myself

2008:​ 2009

Was 2008 a good year?​
a very good year, i grew more this year than any other year

Do you think​ 2009 will top 2008?​
i hope so !

big homeboy, soulja boy tellem' is back at it again...

so recently soulja boy got robbed....

eben gregory tells it best...

new eminem

ugh it was kinda difficult to find the real version of this song but here it is...

i feel like this is under par for eminem...

Crack A Bottle - Eminem

green is good

so i know a lot of people already know about this , but if you don't, this is for YOU.

a few years ago my best friend (hi) introduced me to pot psychology. THE FUNNIEST ADVICE VIDEOS EVER.

obviously, they get high and answer questions that viewers have.

i've been waiting all night to see you dance like me...

i used to have this song on repeat, if you know me, you know how bad i love this song and chris breezy!
this is exactly how i envisioned the video too

the new t-pain video's are soO0o0o00Oo trippy, but i really do enjoy them to the fullest, they definitley keep your attention, don't blink or you might miss a mini chris brown coming out of chris brown's mouth !!

t-pain ft chris brown - freeze


old school sundays

im sorry i've been slacking, i've been busy but heres some good music to make up for it

this song never gets old to me..

mary j blige ft notorious BIG- real love (hip hop mix)



this guy is a g yo with his stick


2008 wrap up

i was looking forward to this!

it's funny, i had it on last year and my friend said "this sounds like everything that happened in 2007" lol

Skillz- 2008 rap up

we are not the same i am an ALIEN!

every time i see lil wayne speak on a interview or his vlog, i have no words. everytime i see that lip ring, i have no words....but he is most definitely an interesting man, and da carter III was one of my favorite albums of the year hands down...

so here he is speaking on being a "martian", barack obama, and drugs...


LMAO i love this shiat

so the new year has come...

its crazy how fast time goes by, i can remember new years eve 2000 like it was yesterday. i had the best new year's ever last night, i hope you had a safe and fun night as well =)

2008 was a great year. i did a lot of things that i haven't done before, met a lot of cool people, and grew a lot.
as i get older i've realize three things more and more everyday....
1. trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone is cringing sometimes and nervewrecking and easy to say no to, but in the end you grow so much more. i've really pushed myself to get out of my comfort zone, and i'm so glad i did.

2. focus on YOURSELF. you are the only person you can make happy, and you are the only person who can get you to where you want to go. overanalyzing other people is only a waste of energy and you cannot change anybody. 

3. there is always someone who has it worse. sometimes i find myself unhappy and stressed over the littlest things like going out and whatnot, and its so shallow. i'm so,so blessed to have so many good things in my life, as you should feel blessed as well.
2009 is going to bring great things, great things are going to come to me.

have a very happy and healthy new years =)