come to my suite and get lockjaw baby..

lil wayne- i'm not human

definitely a upgrade from prom queen....

what do you guys think?



rumor on the block is ladydangerr is shutting down the blog....


earth hour

earth hour is tonight! please turn off your lights for one hour.

wake up and realize our earth needs our help!



today is a PLANET ROCK day!
i had to break it out i had to

zszzzz zzszzz zzsszzz zzzzizzz ziszzz ziszzzz !!!



you know how i do


why does the paparazzi always have to be all up in my ish? (2:38)


oh how we love photoshop.

i figured id post this since i just posted this picture and my dahlingggggg best friend just send this to me...

photoshop is CRAZY...just youtube photoshop. crazy crazy videos. fascinating but damaging to our society. the way we portray "perfection" is impossible in real life. nobody is poreless, scarless, or has no has no cellulite. sorry fellas.

but kim kardashian looks absolutely beautiful without ANY retouching, with a body like that it is impossible not to have any texture. they did NOTHING to her face except for the lighting which goes to show this girl is absolutely amazing!

i can watch current tv for days

SOOOOOOO FUNNNNY! i didn't even know what friendster was LOL...its weird cause i got myspace pretty fast...but facebook took me a while to get. twitter twitter tweet tweet next big thang....

will you marry me?

kim kardashian....please? she is featured on the April/May issue of COMPLEX

also, so is kanye...they did some aaaaaaaaaweeeeeeeeeessssssoooooooommmmmeeeee sickly shots with him that are computer generated ....photography by chris milk...check out the whole gallery HERE

in a perfect world...

i am realllllllly loving this keri hilson album. so much talent between her lyrics, timbaland polow da don producing the album, and great collabs....there is NO reason why you shouldn't buy this album if you have liked her singles so far. she's so fresh, something new to listen to.

this is a really good song from her album..its called alienated

sitting watching time passing by me 
voices in my head asking why me? 
im here wishing you would stop by my place 
but the only time we talk is on myspace 
by the way, have you found my replacement? 
she should be the one on this spaceship 
waking up, reaching for you when you're not there 
you got me in another galaxy, im out there 
you're the reason i don't change my number 
don't you know it's still the same 
oh boy i know you remember that summer 
when we kicked it everyday

this is bad real bad micheal jackson...now im mad real mad joe jackson..

i have not stopped playing this since i've heard it. this is my FAVORITE song as of now. keri hilson & kanye west would make such a nice couple they got some on screen chemistry. kanye? yes obv. ne-yo? yees. keri hilson? YES!

go get her album in stores today!

Keri Hilson ft kanye west & neyo- knock you down

baby this is tragic
cause we had it we was magic
i was flyin, now im crashin
this is bad, real bad, michael jackson
now im mad, real mad, joe jackson
you should leave your boyfriend now, imma ask him


best throw back EVER

I Can - Nas

i was on my way home and hot 97 was KILLING IT with the throwbacks at noon i could have just dedicated a day to throwbacks thanks to them, my friends were even texting me about it before i could get to my phone hahahaha

this is my FAVORITE nas song, it gives me CHILLS! this shit is so real

nas is the TRUTH



via nahright

jadakiss & styles p performing @ sxsw...i decided I NEEEEED TO GO NEXT YEAR! austin is supposed to be an awesome town i've always wanted to go....yeah i'm going. whose coming with me?!

Part 1: “Mighty D-Block”, “Ambitions As A Ridah”, “Made Ya Look Remix” (Nas), “Money, Power & Respect”, “Wild Out”, “I Get High” (Styles P), “So Fly Remix” (Slim), “U Make Me Wanna” (Mariah Carey), “Knock Yaself Out” (ft. Pharrell), “Can’t Stop Me”

Part 2: “We Gon Make It” (Jada & Styles), “California Love”, “Mo Money Mo Problems”, “One More Chance”, “Letter To Big”, “Why?”, “Who’s Real”

love sex magic

ciara ft justin timberlake - love sex magic

i love justin. i like ciara....i don't like this song. nobody i know likes this song! and ciara looks too much like beyonce in this video. FAIL!

id rather watch this video, ciara looks BEAUTIFUL in this video, and the hot guy from the notorious movie is in it, and its a good song

ciara ft young jeezy- never ever


i love the website www.fmylife.com

this is one of the funniest ones i've read in a while

Today, I had drunk sex with a girl that I barely know. I didn't have a condom and was nervous about getting her pregnant, but she assured me that I could pull out. Right when I was about to pull out, she wrapped her legs around me and yelled : "BE MY BABY'S DADDY!" I couldn't get out in time. FML





the song i am in love with, the song i think is better than most.

its just a piano, and vocals. its so damn REAL, anybody can relate to this song, it's so beautiful...i cry if i hear this song if i'm in the car and i'm alone..i wont lie lol.

Ordinary People - John Legend

Girl im in love with you
This ain't the honeymoon
Past the infatuation phase
Right in the thick of love
At times we get sick of love
It seems like we argue everyday

I know i misbehaved
And you made your mistakes
And we both still got room left to grow
And though love sometimes hurts
I still put you first
And we'll make this thing work
But I think we should take it slow

We're just ordinary people
We don't know which way to go
Cuz we're ordinary people
Maybe we should take it slow (Take it slow oh oh ohh)
This time we'll take it slow (Take it slow oh oh ohh)
This time we'll take it slow

This ain't a movie no
No fairy tale conclusion ya'll
It gets more confusing everyday
Sometimes it's heaven sent
Then we head back to hell again
We kiss and we make up on the way

I hang up you call
We rise and we fall
And we feel like just walking away
As our love advances
We take second chances
Though it's not a fantasy
I Still want you to stay

We're just ordinary people
We don't know which way to go
Cuz we're ordinary people
Maybe we should take it slow (Take it slow oh oh ohh)
This time we'll take it slow (Take it slow oh oh ohh)
This time we'll take it slow

Take it slow
Maybe we'll live and learn
Maybe we'll crash and burn
Maybe you'll stay, maybe you'll leave,
maybe you'll return
Maybe another fight
Maybe we won't survive
But maybe we'll grow
We never know baby youuuu and I


MAC has raised i think 130? million so far for their MAC AIDS FUND.

a lot of things i didn't even know until watched this video a year and a half ago...BE AWARE!
don't ignore this video!

she had 9/10 pants and a very big bra....

Just A Friend - Biz Markie

this video. awesome. this song. awesome. i listen to this song ALLL the time

i finally found the song

i finally found the song i have been searching for, that i can connect to on a whole different level, with such a positive meaning and deep lyrics...

soulja boy- bump this in my lambo



coming from the <3

i know i haven't been doing great with my blog recently...which makes me a little sad. i've had some personal ish going on that has been draining me :(, plus now i have twitter, how can i keep up with all this ish hahaha

but, i am not going to stop blogging. i am going to get back on my game and deliver all the goody good goodnesss that i have been for about ... 9 months now.

SO STAY TUNED!!! new music mondays, old school sundays, maybe i'll even do a VLOG for crying out loud.

so what what what is up...

so i find twitter quite interesting, almost more interesting than facebook (since that new facebook SUCKS!) and i wanted to show off my new suspenders to my "followers" and i posted this picture

and like, 3 minutes after posting this pic a porn talent agency started to follow me!! how creeepy is the internet. this was a innocent picture to show off my suspenders. SMH SMH SMH SMH SMH SMH SMH SMH SMH!!!!!! hahahaaha

wellll thats purdy much it. have an amazing weekend! blame it on the goose....


are you kidding me?

.................are there any two hotter people on this planet?

holy shit.

new music video

charles hamilton- loser

i do love charles hamilton....i think. =P


fatty girl...who mee????

Fatty Girl - Ludacris

cheyaaaaa daddddy !!!!!!!!!!!


angel pumping gas, why won't this moment last...

Angel Pumping Gas - Lindsey Pool

a little something else to switch up your daily routine..


new music mondays

keri hilson's album is leaking out....i really love some of these songs, definitely a lot of work went into this album.

keri hilson- how does it feel

keri hilson- intuition

keri hilson- make love

kid cuDi- switchin lanes


i can't get enough of these two. both of them are so sexy! i want to be in this relationship lmao

p.s, im sorry i've been slacking on the blog, i have a few things going on (all good things) but ... new music mondays. ;)


roll the blunts up ma i'll get the lighter..i have you squirtin for certain, yeah bring a diaper..

i have had this song on REPEAT...i could just listen to camron's part




in this clip, tyra shares her own personal experience of abuse with oprah.

i actually watched this entire episode... oprah made a GREAT point about this chrihanna situation. we need to flip this around and turn this into a lesson for the young people out there...EVERYBODY out there. everyone is going crazy over what is going to happen next with these two, when honestly these two are just KIDS..chris brown is my age, rihanna is only 21. im glad oprah had a episode dedicated to the issue of domestic violence to really flip a switch and bring some light to this situation.

...today is pi day lmao


my baby girl ride right on my left hand side...

Stay With Me - Neyo

this is the only song i have heard played twice in a row on hot 97...makes me miss warm weather



taking it way back..

Al Green- Let's Stay Together

one of my favorite feel good songs...<3 <3 <3 universally AMAZING. whether you are 19 or 90.

....... if you don't like this song, you have no soul. thats just the way it is, sorry!

crazay lil doggay

hahahahahaa my dog does this too! 
except she ripped a hole in my comforter =(


1. do not view this if you don't want to see bad things

Find more videos like this on ThisIs50.com : IF IT'S HOT IT'S HERE!

i can't believe 50 cent does this shit! is it ever that serious?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

it is not rick ross' day today or tomorrow lol.

AND he confessed to being the corrections officer in those pictures! read the whole article HERE

it just came to me...like an epiphany...

chrisette michele- epiphany

chrisette michele is amazing...shes been in more songs than you think...
DRAKE co-stars in this....drake is a good ACTOR...haha ok i am not going to hate on drake <3


mayonnaise colored benz, i push miracle whips.

some old school goodness to start your day

Last Call - Kanye West



kid cuDi- superboo

uhhh ok, no dykeyness or anything, but can they all be my superboo?


ok peoples, you know i have been WAITING on this album for about forever and a day, and it is in stores TODAY, so go pick up that good ish and check the review:


rockin' that thang: obviously the 1st single from the album, definitely blew up the radio...sick instrumental, great song for the club, car, bed, anywhere! hahaha

walking on the moon (ft kanye west): love love the lyrics to this song, this is definitely a feeeeel good track, i feel a little prince influence on this one. 

my love (ft mariah carey) : ermm, this song isn't one of my favorites, very generic and could have been anybody. but it isn't bad.

put it down : YESS! i love this song (one of my favorites on the album) .."if they ask you if i can i sing like usher, say no...but i can make you sing like mariah.." haha! what a smart-ass. definitely a sexy song

sweat it out : oohhhhhkayy. this song is just SEXY. this song only belongs in one place....

take u home 2 my mama: another one of my favorites. this song is funnn, i could listen to this song getting ready to go out.

love vs. money: this song has a lot going on, in a good way. peoples are saying this song is about nivea & lil wayne, i definitely see it being inspired by the situation.

love vs. money 2: good break-up song..kind of reminds me of "nikki" from his first album (love vs hate)

fancy: uhh...not my favorite song, this song is my least favorite...i feel like it will grow on me though.

right side of my brain: one of my favorites. EVERYBODY can relate to this song. lyrics are great.

mr. yeah: has a different feel to it, i like this song...i love the end..."can we fuck now?"...hahahahaha

kelly's 12 play: uhhh i don't really love r kelly, i am not one of his 19 year old friends...but this song is OK. no homo between the dream and r kelly

lemme see the booty: LIL JON makes me want to shave my head and slam a umbrella into a car britney style. but the dream makes it bearable. i just really don't like lil jon. 

OVERALL: i've been listening to this album non-stop. i think im going to play this album out faster than i did with the carter 3. i wish the songs would fade into each other like they did with "love vs hate" (take u home 2 my mama nd love vs money does it) but that was one of my favorite things about the 1st album. GO GET LOVE VS MONEY!!!!!!!

amazing (remix)- the dream & christina millian

now this is a remix !!! and a cool video to go with it...and i don't even like sports that much.

its weird to me that the dream just did a song with mariah (nick cannon's wife) and is going out with christina millian (nick cannon's ex)....awkward???

joaquin phoneix

this dude...i don't even know what to say about him. i have loved him in movies, he's a great actor, but i just don't know about this hip-hop career he is supposedly developing. he's so strange...people were saying this was a prank, but he obviously is putting a lot of time and effort into this if he's talking in depth about hip-hop...hmmmm...

public enemies movie trailer

i am a huge johnny depp fan
and this movie looks really good
so there you go =)

tell me what they know about my love <3

this video makes the dream sexy!

ugh these boys in these videos ! hahahaha

mariah is sooooo corny lol the way she sings and poses..

the dream ft mariah carey- my love

but like the king you are babe, just lay back and ill show you the way...

LOOK WHO IS IN THIS VIDEO ! so unexpected lol..he is looking sexy though

keri hilson- make love

jazmine sullivan- in love with another man

Boy I know there's plenty women
Who would love to have a man like you
But I'm in love with someone else...
I'm so sorry baby

the truth ! this video almost made me cry!

old school

i think this is one of jay-z's best verses...

jay-z-public service announcement


she wanna be complement to my swagg..

i love these two


i'm so sick with the money i could cough a stack...

the dream ft fabolous, juelz santana, rick ross & ludacris- rockin that thang remix


damn right oprah!

oprah speaks to riri !

bitches! rub your titties if you love big poppa...

junior mafia & notorious big- players anthem

R.I.P biggie smalls ... 12 years wowww...


SINGLE LADIES from michelle schultz on Vimeo.


love vs. money

The Dream - Love vs. Money

HERE IT IS GUYS!!!! i feel like i've been waiting for this my whole life .... im so excited to hear this shit !!! i haven't even listened to the whole thing yet .... a review will be in the works

my kinda girl got her own like beyonce...

i don't even know who these people are, but i really like this remix...cute song

lloyd ft young wonder & unko tha don - party girl (remix)


year of the gentleman

i love ne-yo. he is sooo talented and his new cd "Year of the Gentleman" is definitely a staple to have if you love r&b like i do.

which brings me into one of his blog entries. he definitely knows how to treat a woman... he needs to write in here more!

"A IS FOR APPRECIATE A woman wants to know she is appreciated, that what she does for you is appreciated. I don’t mean washing your clothes or cooking your meals. I mean the fact that she went and got her hair done, so you can look at her and say, “Ooh, damn!” The fact that she squeezed herself into that outfit that is probably very uncomfortable so you can say, “Damn, she looks good in that!”

LIPS, TONGUE & MOUTH Women like to talk and when they do, they like to know that you are listening. For example, say your girlfriend wears a certain kind of perfume. She always wears this perfume — nothing else. One day you surprise her with that bottle of perfume when she runs out without asking her what kind it is or where to get it, you are the man! Talking to her friends like, “Oh, he came and he had the perfume and oh!” That shows her that she is not only there to have sex with every now and then. That will make you the man for at least three weeks. Trust me.

THE SINFUL SLOTH Women like men who, every now and then, go out of their way and do something for them that they are not expecting — something that requires some effort or some doing. Anybody can order some flowers. That takes no effort — you order some flowers and they just show up and you take the credit. However, it takes some doing to go to that Build-A-Bear place and do the voice activation thing and making that bear tell a little inside joke that only you and her know about it.

SEXY LOVE Listen — when she says keep it right there, keep it right there. Appreciate if she’s doing you a favorite (you know what I mean, but let’s keep it PG-13), let her know that you’re enjoying it. Don’t be lazy — try a position that ain’t exactly your favorite, but you know she loves. And when your giving a massage, put the bone on break."


rihanna stop being stupid and chris brown stop being an asshole

if everybody listened to him the world would be a better place.

<3 <3

magnificent !

rick ross ft john legend- magnificent

this song is SSSUUUCCCHHH a random collab

rick ross is the biggest boss that you've seen thus far

john legend writes educated letters to the NY post...

you need to take a seat

mm don't me wrong, i love me some old school nivea (laundromat, don't mess with my man)...but ever since she popped those kids out she is wildddin out. she is making herself look so bad by revealing all this information and acting like she is mad high lol. she needs to get a better weave and take some advice from her exes who are prob like...smh....

new music

this song is soooo hot

keri hilson ft kanye west & neyo - knock you down

P.S. i got rid of the music on my page

prom queen

lmao i can't even put together words for what i think of this video


new kid cuDi !


<3 <3 produced by kanye west

old school

Mos Def - Ms. Fat Booty -

you're turning me on!

Turnin Me On (Remix) Ft. T-Pain & Lil Wayne - Keri Hilson



the april cover of vanity fair

wobble de wobble drop drop like its hot

ok this video is a little O.D and will never be shown on television ....

redd eyezz ft flo rida & juvenile- how much

but its funny that this showed up on WSHH w juvenile cause me and my friend were talking about back that azz up yesterday..

and how young lil wayne looked. wobble de wobble drop drop it like its hot

put on that kanye smile!

kanye got his hair cut!

he looks x100 better

getting money like na na na na na

sorry for the 2 day break... you know how it is peoples we're in a recession and blogging doesn't pay lol...

anywayzzz heres the new video for jim jone's new single "na na na na na"...its the opposite of interesting.

womp. womp.