oh na na...

yes I am sick of "what's my name" just as much as most of you are...but I can't get enough of Rihanna's new album! I know I'm a little late but it's never too late to enjoy good music. I was never a real RiRi fan but I'm slowly starting to become one :).

AND might I add I LOVE the red hair, and the album cover? As a makeup artist I kind of had a makeup orgasm when I saw this cover...FLAWLESS!

obsessed with this song.


EJohns said...

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Alexandra Marie said...

I love that song too! :)

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decorative concrete said...

I hope Rihanna will have another break for her career.

Ashley said...

I LOVE HER!!!! She looks great with red hair!


Concrete Slab said...

I love her she looking beautiful