haha this video is funnyyyy

t-pain ft dj khaledd - kareoke

like a cop car ;)

cheya daddyyyy, who doesn't love this song

and who doesn't love lil wayne playing the guitar on top of a cop car?

and who doesn't love slutty officers? which you will be seeing a bunch of tonight, which i hope yall are!!! 

and bobby valentino looks like of like a tool with that cop outfit on lol

i love me some comfortable

heres "mrs officer/comfortable" 


obama obama obama ...

i heard this song , which was a remix to a milli, except it went obama obama obama....so catchy, dont know where i heard it ...

but did you all just watch that little half hour promo for obama on FOX?
if you don't vote next week, you're crazy. and may i dare say, if you don't BARACK the vote, you're even crazier. 

so the other night, i was watching TV ( which i never do ), and i randomly turned on OXYGEN (which i NEVER do) [[ oxygen is like a women's channel, they have some random ass shows]]...and i see COOLIO. and a preview episode for his new reality show..

all i have to say is....uh........eermm....see for yourself. tis quite interesting.

watch an episode HERE

everybody watchin what i do, come walk in my shoes, and see the way im living if you really want to..

i've seen a lot of T.I lately, he's everywhere! chasing that paper before he gets locked up..i wonder how long he's gunna be in there for...

but heres the "live your life" video...

and heres his interview with chelsea handler , she's so fucking funny...he is so humble and not like how you would expect...checkk it outt


i got gloss on my lips and a man on my hips ;)

i'm so glad i never posted the "single ladies" video, because i would rather post this instead

that guy needs a hamburger or five. that get up he's wearing is quite amusing and he looks like quite a tool.....

but i will not hate cause that is amazing choreography and he did a sick job.

ps. dj clue said this song is a problem...hahahhahaa

high as fuck

there are always so many videos i want to post but i don't to be a video junkie!
but this one is highlarious

"high as fuck"

anywhooo... a lot of good thangs are happenin in the good tri-state area tonight. jay-z, lil wayne, ne-yo @ powerhouse 105.1 in jerseyy....the roots, gym class heroes, and estelle at good old roseland ballroom, and john legend's album release party which brings me into ......

this EVOLVER buisness (john legends album in stores TODAY) is amazing. i have been waiting for this day for a while. john legend can put me in a good mood no matter what, his music is so FEEL GOOD! the music is soooo...fresh, crisp, new. i will take it to THAT level and say this is one of the best CDs i've bought in a while, this and SOLANGE. it's amazing, if you like good music, you will love this album. 

i love this one..."good morning" if you've seen the whole "green light" video you've already heard a wittle bit of this song

we said let go but i kept on hanging on . . .

heres another classic from the one and only mariah carey , yes i am a mariah carey fan, im not one of her lambs (thats what she calls her fans), i'm a fan lol

i've liked this song for a while, since i have the CD...this video is classic cheezy mariah but really, i do love her songs, and she does entertain me

mariah carey- i stay in love

q-tip talks about how hip hop has changed

do you agree? yah? nah?

i can definitely see where he is coming from...


zack and miri make a porno

i can't wait to see this movie, i love seth rogan!!!!

texting your way to love<3

HAHA this is the best video i have seen in a long time

AND this is why i try talk on the phone, not text when i first start dating somebody!!!

am i really putting this on here right now?

am i really taking it to this level?

The Dangers of Massaging Slippers from michelle schultz on Vimeo.

just smile !!!!

hmm things haven't been so sunny and great lately, so if you can't smile...maybe you can if you watch this? :)

its proven that if you make yourself smile, you will feel happy and better.

so go ahead, and be corny,and make yourself cheeezzzeee :D

so so so sad

they found the body of julian, the nephew of jennifer hudson, in the white SUV that was described on the amber alert.
so sad, so tragic.



ALWAYS treat people the way you would like to be treated. 
NEVER be quick to judge anybody, you don't know their past, 
and you don't know their struggles. 
LIVE like this day could be your last. 

try to understand where people are coming from, try to understand where they came from.
really, try not to take anybody for granted, they could be gone the next day.
don't ever forget where you came from, and who was there for you before everything.
there is always someone who has it worse than you...don't sweat the small stuff.
keep your heart and your mind open.

and wear sunscreen! lol

 i think everybody needs something
to put their life in perspective, and i've definitely had
my dose of that this weekend.


saturday sticky icky ick-eee

hope everybody is enjoying their weekend as much as i am. . .

if you don't live under a rock, you obviously know that jennifer hudson's mother was killed and her nephew is missing. i love jennifer hudson ( i actually just posted about her this week ) ... i feel like she is a great inspiration to women and my heart really goes out to her right now. I couldn't imagine what its like losing a mother, especially under such tragic circumstances, and especially being in the limelight. It was on the cover of all the newspapers =(. so sad, so sad.

on a lighter note, lets get to bobby valentino and this catchy ass song! i already posted about this song, but heres the video, its mad corny, i just like this song..i'm a sucker for those r&b songs


and by the way, that dj khaled song " go hard " with kanye? i'm starting to like it, you know why? because i miss the old kanye guys, i know i know i cant judge entirely, i haven't heard the whole album yet, but ugh guysssssss =-(
how could you be so heartless kanye?



ahahahahahaha ernie & bert are gangstassss



after laying in bed all day and being diagnosed with a sinus infection...

im about to close up the laptop

BET awards was whatever, lil wayne obviously won basically everything.....

laying in bed all day is NOT fun, if you are by yourself, and if you are sick. AND esp if you dont like TV. ugh tv SUCKS 


haha sorry im in a womp womp mood yall 

BET hip hop awards

oh yeah...and the BET hip hop awards is tonite at 8 

performances by Common & Pharrel...Luda.....Lil Wayne...T-Pain (who is hosting) yeah...


weezy's baby mama

honestly i really don't care about this....but everybody will not stop talking about lil wayne and his babys mama!
here she is via. neole bitchie
of course she is pretty....nail technican....college student....ermm huh?

i wonder what it would be like living in lil wayne's shoes for a week.....


cheyaa papi

im really feelinn this new lupe song

lupe fiasco- accept the troubles

the game && his son

ok this is the cutest little boy i have ever seen ! i cant wait to cut my kiddies hair =D

there is this little boy who always comes into my store with candy bars trying to sell them and finally we just asked him...what is he selling them for? and he said he's raising money for his soccer team..this boy must be 6 years old, out in the mall every weekend on his grind raising money for his soccer team! he is so fucking cute UGH i love this wittle boy, i always give him a dollar so he can buy a candy bar for himself...but long story short, he reminds me of this little kid

"be kinder than neccessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."

i did you wrong, you did me wrong, i take you back, you take me back

nothing like having friends make me laugh when im sick =D

today i called out sick to work! very rare event that happens in the life of michelle schultz. . .

i hate being home though because i HATE most television, and i don't watch a lot of movies so basically all i do is YOUTUBE.

this song is kinda corny, i used to listen to it all the time... but i do really like it

PLEASURE P- did you wrong

i'll be posted later, alohaaa


you steady chasing that paper!


heres a little preview for the "live your life" video

even though T.I is an aallllright artist, he is quite sexxyy, verryy nice :]

oh long island...

typical high school stupidness on long island lol
...whenever i get really bored, i go to newsday.com and look at the local mug shots ahahaha

nothing like blogging on my deathbed

if new york wasn't THE place to be for my industry, i would SOOO be in the south.

i'm so sick today =(
i hate the winter. i hate jackets. i hate being sick. i hate snow, i hate ice.

i'm glad i went to class though, cause i found out i got an A on my advertising paper =D.


in the world of business ...

diddy bought ENYCE from liz claiborne...enyce is kind of a wack brand, when i think of enyce i think of p.miller or southpole LOL..... so hopefully he will change the face of that brand.



stick to the b.e.a.t get ready to ignite

Justice - "Dance" - Justice
justice- d.a.n.c.e

this is the BEST video i have seen in my life
where has this been all my life?

i've never been to college but i got crazy knowledge

am i the only one who is still addicted to starbucks?
its the only thing that can actually wake me up!

when news sucks, and music is kinda bland...all you can do is go back in time...

Mona Lisa - Slick Rick

slick rick-mona lisa

better than anything.


you're spaced out on sensation, like your under sedation...

news has been slow lately...

a few thangs...

my blog has 1000 hits yay! i really write in here for my own entertainment and to spread the good word, but if you would like to hear more about anything or just want to say anything, i changed the settings on my blog so anybody can comment even if you don't have a blog. =)

jennifer hudson ft t-pain- whats wrong (go away) 

so i got jennifer hudson's new album today, it is definitely good, but not something i can listen to all day. her voice is amazing though, it gives me the chhhhhiiiilllllss.

you gotta respect that girl, she is the definition of coming from nothing to something, i really want to see The Secret Lives of Bees . . . Jennifer Hudson, Dakota Fanning, Queen Latifah...that is a solid cast. Alicia Keys is in it too, but i haven't seen her act yet...

HALLOWEEN is coming up soon...what are YOU going to be?  I don't even know if i'm going to be able to go out, long story...work...but im excited to be working on halloween and doing some serious makeup...

these two girls came in and made appts and they are going to be T-PAIN and LIL WAYNE. haha definitley characters. 

halloween makes me think of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (one of my favorite movies)

lets do the time warp again!!!!


alive with love

Alive With the Glory of Love - say anything

i LOVE say anything, my last computer i didn't transfer all my itunes over, therefore i suffered memory loss of some of my favorites, including say anything.



does this even need a title

you see my aura's positive i don't promote no junk

one thing i hate is, since i have to wake up early every day, on my day off i wake up at 8 30 ! but its better that way cause i have to wake up early tomorrow anyway. 

somebody i know who is extremely interesting and amazing got a blog! and she happens to be my best friend =P check it out

bossip reported that kanye's new CD is almost alll singing. ahh, please stick to what your best at, which is not singing. it makes me sad to hate on kanye but i really don't like "love lockdown" and "heartless" as much as his other songs. 

i really don't have anything else to talk about, its friday, its fall....
they covered my pool yesterday =(! 
have a good one buddiess 


my mtv playlist

hmm my last post got me thinking... if i could make my own playlist on mtv hits...what videos would i choose? i'm most likely forgetting some, but for now, here it is...i love all these videos..

1. "you don't know my name" - alicia keys
2. "excuse me miss" - jay z ft pharell
3. "come close" - common ft mary j blige
4. "drive" - incubus 
5. "doo wop (that thing)"- lauryn hill
6. "im not okay (i promise)"- my chemical romance
7. "promise" - ciara

ill link them laterr...payceee


oh baby baby baby, i cant wait for our first time..my imagination is running wild...

im watching T.I's hit list on MTV Hits and he just introduced this as one of his favorite songs/videos ... and this is most certainly one of my favorites as well, great video, great song. and alicia keys is amazing...

alicia keys- "you don't know my name"

we all love animals. why do we call some "pets" and others "dinner"?- k.d lang

i think me and you both know common is the truth. so please watch this video ( start at about 1:20, the first minute is whatever) and know, going vegetarian is a life change for the better!

i've been a vegetarian for about a year now and it is one of the best decisions i made in my life. i feel so much better, i feel better about what i eat, and i feel better knowing i am not eating other animals.

and even if you really are insisting on meat, then at least choose range free chicken and eggs.
free range chickens live a natural life, they are able to roam around and live a happy chicken life!

vs. mass production farms, where there are 6 chickens to one crate. chickens cannot spread their wings and are totally cramped 24/7. pigs and cattle are not able to even turn around in their spaces, and live lives as a product for us, not as happy animals.

as the smartest animals on earth, we really do not use it wisely. we do not take care of our planet or our animals.

really, go to the humane society's website and see that animal cruelty is an epidemic!!



and he's back at it again...

t-pain is back at it again with another trippy ass style video, i cant even point out how many things trip me out in this video ... t-pain turning into a lion wearing oakleys and a top hat on a spinning record...yeah...

t-pain ft ludacris- chopped and skrewed


heres another one off of kayne's new cd..808's and heartbreaks

i guess he must've had a rough breakup with his fiance or sumthin ! shake it off kayne, shake it off ! we need you!

here it is..heartless..hm...

im on a youtube spree

i could youtube all day...and thats what i kind of am doing cause im laying in my bed all day...

first mcdonald's commerical ever...CREEPY

the life and death of a pumpkin

oh wow haha how creative...happy autumn errbody!

womp womp mondays

nothing like having to stop your world and just rest and be sick, which is what i am doing. catching up on my dvr !

today is an autumn day ! the leaves are falling and they're orange !

im watching oprah and something like 45 % of people are having headaches because of stress from the economy and 35 % are having stomach problems, and dr oz is on giving advice on how you can relieve stress from these hard times...he said 1. stretch 2. breathe 3. have sex......haha what?

look how preggers M.I.A is ! now we know why she "retired" mwahahaha



See more T-Pain videos at Funny or Die

all she wants me to do is fuck the police

wee o wee o wee...

i knew that video mrs officer was coming out! 


but you're just a boy...

you don't understand
how it feels to love a girl someday
you wish you were a better man
you don't listen to her
you don't care how it hurts...

beyonce- "if i were a boy"


if you've ever been to heaven this is twice as nice

hahaha i love this dude, he basically covers yung berg getting pimp slapped by maino

happy friday! the week went by so fast, everyone's home from school, and its starting to feel like fall, because 1. im sick and 2. its cold in the am

i don't really have good info to share, but i do have an confession to share.

i've been listening to pop music !

i love this britney spears song "hot as ice" its actually really good

pop music

have a grrrrrrreat weekend 


i bust the windows out your car....

i love this song, i'm sure some shitty boyfriend's car windows have been busted because of this song...the video couldn't have been done better...check it out


nothing like a teacher high on laced cupcakes

yizzzoo ...

this is a funny ass story

that girl must have some GUTS to do that, and it was weed why were the teachers violently ill lmao maybe in a goooood way?....

School girl suspended after lacing her two teachers with cupcakes

another way to die

the debate was quite interesting last night, they get fiesty with eachother, and john mccain is so slimy. he really is unprofessional, his answers were so unstructured, and he was always pointing fingers at obama. i hate when he says "friends", its condescending, like when someone calls you sweetie. rgh! 

obama was straight to the point, although he kind of threw me off when he said he would make WARREN BUFFET as his treasury person? and he should have addressed it when john mccain was talking about the health care fines obama wants, he kind of ignored it. 

this election is soo important. i got two people to register, and that makes me happy =]

this is the new james bond theme song...ehh its ok, two really great artist together but kind of a whatever song, but i love this music video its cooool. 

jack white && alicia keys- another way to die 



oh wow this is quite interesting and has been causing a a ruckus everywhere, its kind of weird. 

new love lockdown video

kayne is really taking a creative leap with this single...heres the video...hmmm...

i'm on a common rampage

sex for sugar..

sugar for sex..

and btw, you know when you're half asleep and you wake up and see some interesting on the tv but you just go back to sleep? yeah i saw this the other night, i used to love degrassi.....i dont know what possessed the gym class heroes to do this lolol


you're just like heaven...

you know when a old ass song comes on and it makes you so freaking happy cause it brings back so much and you totally forgot about it?

yeah, this song is the shit. this is one of my favorite covers of all time. and may i dare say, one of my favorite songs. 

gatsby's american dream - just like heaven

its got that bang da dang dang

what is upp my pretties...

ok so hip hop honors are tonight, should be good. if you really like and appreciate hip hop, its obviously worth watching, mad performances. 9 pm tonight on VH1. p.s... remember when vh1 sucked? anyways, i said i would put up some pictures so lets get to it...

common and pharrell

common/ n.e.r.d allll souled outt
all these hunnies going crazy for everybody nose 

and common must've known i was blogging about him because his video for "U.M.C (universal mind control) came out today, this was actually one of my favorites he performed he actually dances his ass off...... and he really did up "announcement" 

and this is reallllly funny



cheya daddddy

vlog 2 from michelle schultz on Vimeo.


my life, your entertainment....

yeah yeahs so what has been going on in my life...

my mom called me a tool last night....

pumped for tomarrow...N.E.R.D and common...
i really wanna see estelle the roots & gym class heroes...we shall see what happens...

im having identity issues, who am i ? what do i look like to me? what do i look like to you?
i've been asked if i'm...
middle eastern
half black
puerto rican

i guess i basically cover most continents?

im llllloving this T.I paper trail, so well put together...

and hes looking hellllla goood....

i really like the one w ludacris...top of the world

puggggggggggggie saying i love you, things like this amuse me, and obviously they amuse montel lol oh montyy

im always on top, tonight i'm on the bottom cause we trading places..

i've always loved this song, and now the videos out, and its kinda sexual lol
check it out

usher-trading places



interesting ladies

regina spektor

kid sister


gotcha catch um all

im gunna do a hellllla good post later...about _______

but for now im gunna let out my inner nerd and post up some some serious love .... POKEMON RAPPP
and is it a issue that i knew most of these pokemon?


you change your mind like a girl changes clothes...

ive been posting videos like whattttt lately, but to tell the truth ive been having a hard week, i promise to deliver a word enriched blog post ahahhaa

and how can you be mad at me when i post this hot asss bitch

Hot N Cold

katy perry- hot n cold

reason 2,582 why i love my job

aweomse videos like this 

everyone wants swagger

the other night i was supposed to go to T.I album release party, patron open bar...i hear it was quite amazing, also i heard i have lame responsibilties >_<

these videos people are making for their swagger like us remixes are quite funny, i wish someone would do a parody on them.

rick rossss

p didddy

ohhhh geez